Brain training routines

I am looking for a memory routine that I can follow to train my brain. I want but a comprehensive routine that trains all my brain. I’m looking for something that works on memory, logic, lateral thinking, creativity, visualization, mind mapping, and other aspects. I’m not looking for a quick-win technique that will improve my brain, but a training plan that I can use to really train the brain.

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Basically, what I really want is a program that I can follow and that will take my brain to good levels

I’d recommend you to read the book by Phil Chambers "How To Train Your Memory"
He covers almost all of what you are looking for and will give you a good head start.
It’s a brilliant book, I got a copy from amazon.

“Search” feature on the forum navigation menu is also your friend, there are many posts about it.

I’ve also shared a little routine I follow as much as I can.

Once you start a training routine, it would make sense to test yourself daily and make notes of your progress. I often practice on , and you should also test yourself on what you want to learn & memorise, and see how you go with it, and if you have any issues then many people on the forum are willing to help.


You might be interested in the memory training tools page.

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Does the book just teach memory concepts or does it also teach how to have a daily memory routine and also how to apply concepta in real life

Is the book a training routine or does it just teach tequniques

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Yes. The book is a How To book, it covers almost all the methods of memorising almost everything that can be applied to real life. It’s actually one of the best books on memory training I’ve read!

Another book I have recently bought and read is “Mastering Memory - 75 Memory Hacks” By Brad Zupp. This is another fantastic book for those who want to apply the methods into day to day life, education and career. I was offered his How to memorise passwords Book a while ago for free on Kindle, I liked that book very much, and followed him on amazon and so bought his new book. This may also be very useful for you.

As for a training routine, I’ve already outlined what I do which may be some help to you. However, what I’ve outlined does not go into details as to How exactly I do it if that’s what you mean by training routine? I have my own ways of training which seems to work for me, and two other persons I have fully trained and still training.

What is it you are trying to achieve as the end goal with a training routine?
or Use in daily life?

If you can be a little more specific with what type of training routine you are looking for then we can all help with that, providing you ask for each routine individually as each principle is different such names & faces, numbers, cards etc. Each has its own training routine.