10,000 numbers in pairs for image training

Thanks @Josh, I was on it a short while ago, I was looking for a script that would generate 10.000 Two digits Combinations, but not at random, a straight 2 digit system numbers that would cover all 10.000 combinations. Is that available or have I missed it somehow?
I was thinking of creating it in a spreadsheet but I thought it might save me some time if it was already done.

What order should they be in? I could upload a script like that in a few minutes. Can you type out the first 5 or 10 pairs so I can see the pattern and format?


Thank you.
Basically a script that would cover all possible combinations for 2 digit system.

00 00
00 01
00 02
00 99 (First 100 combo using 00 )

01 00 (next 100 combo using 01 )
01 01
01 02

and so on , until

99 99

Also it would be great if all the digits were in a 4 digit format.
such as;


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Do you prefer one column (very long page), or are multiple columns okay?

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Perhaps each Row (Or maybe two) may hold all 100 combinations. And then the next and so on.

Also it would be great if all the digits were in a 4 digit format.
such as;
0000 0001 0002 … 0099
0100 0101 0102 … 0199
and so on

Whatever you think it would be best.

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I don’t think there is a single training approach that will increase each of these together as they are different things. I also think that some of these things do not have already set training tasks. Getting better at logic may for example happen if you practice a lot of mathematical or philosophical logic. A good start would be to learn what logic is, etc. There isn’t a “logic training routine guaranteed to provide results in X time”, so you may have to design your own routines.

It would be best to split them up into components and ensure your training isn’t specific to the task, e.g visualising people all day may be good for getting better at visualising people but may plateau at improving your visualisation of objects in general. Similarly visualising the same person all day may make you better at visualising the said person but will plateau at other people. Of course all day is not literal, just spending all day doing this is unlikely to provide much benefit over having a precise schedule.

While @Josh will likely provide you with the combinations.
Did you mean something of this nature?


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Yes, the first image seems to be right.

The seconds image is so small I can not see a thing :slight_smile:

This is what I have so far.

Is that on the right track?

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I’ll upload it in a minute and you can let me know if it needs any changes. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Looks really good, you did that well fast.

Is it possible to have the 4 digits like this?
0000 0001 0002 0003 0004 … 0099

How many Rows for each 100 combo would be best?
If we can have all 100 combo on a single Row it would be great, however I think it maybe be a very long row. Or maybe 5 Rows for each 100 combo?

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Sure, I’ll upload the current version and then split the rows up. (At the moment you can only adjust the number of columns by changing the width of the browser.)

Edit: It will only fit about 12 groups on a row comfortably on my monitor, but you can let me know what you prefer after it’s live.

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Click here to preview. Let me know how you would like the rows ordered or if you would like any other changes, like different fonts or groupings.

I could also make a “download CSV” button so you could import them into a spreadsheet if you want.

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That’s fantastic!
I had to resize my browser to make it stop at the 0009 for each row
so that covers 10 combinations on each row. Or are you able to make it so that we don’t have to resize our browser?

That would be great!!

Also, are you able to add an Horizontal Line after each 100 combo?
that would make it very easy to see each 100 combo.

First one finishes at 0099, so a line break or a horizontal line would be perfect for each 100 combo.

Thank you!

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Sure, I’ll do that in a few minutes.

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As for the font;
I love the Ariel font, it’s neat and tidy and very easy to see the digits.

Arial isn’t monospaced, so the columns won’t line up if I use that font. If you find a monospaced font that you like from here it would probably look better. (At the moment, it’s Roboto Mono.)

You can type out digits to preview the fonts like this:



To be honest, any font is fine,
but it’s the “0” s that is bothering me, because all the 0s seems to have a line on them.
is there a font that has no line on the 0s ?

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Also, are you able to remove the space within each 4 digits?

so instead of seeing them like this;
0 0 0 0

better if we can see them like this with no space;
0000 or like this 00 00

I want to get used to seeing the digits with no space between them because that’s how I memorise them while training and competing.

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This post is making me kind of curious on how replies structure the lines so I will post a test list.

@Josh I also believe one of my comments was from the other forum post.

edit : “Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 50890”

Is it possible to do something like…
[to see more click here]

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