Zill's Training Journal

Starting a memory training journal here has been in the back of my mind for a while now. This is merely to hold myself accountable, but also to hear feedback from all of you. I feel of the wagon a bit with memory techniques since the pandmic and a few other life events, but now its time to bounce back.

Been so long since my last post, so I’ll reintroduce myself.

Hiya! I’m Zillia, 17 years of age, part-time lurker here, part-time professional overthinker.

I ordered Memory Craft as a little summer break treat. (It will hopefully be here in two weeks!) I read some reviews here, as well as the authors blog, and it got me inspired. This will be my first memory book that I will have a physical copy of, rather than just being a PDF file. I usually prefer physical if I deem it important enough.

So a few, short term goals I have in mind are:

  • Get into the habit of associating an object I’ve put down with the area its in, so no more me running around looking for my phone in the morning.

  • Memorize the Latin and Swedish names of all the major muscles and bones in the body (unsure if I will include the names of the carpal bones and such, but it would be a nice exercise in nestling? I think?)

  • Improve recall with names and faces. Even with the techniques, I still struggle to apply it when it’s needed.

But this journal is mainly for feedback, sharing my experience, and fighting my insecurity of posting here. I can’t say for certain I’ll update every day, but at least once every 3-4 days will probably be doable.



Good luck on your journey!


Today was low on pure memorizing. I spended most of my time practicing for my final math exam tomorrow. I did use some methods, made up little stories to tell the differences between types of graphs. I think i will use my Major System to hoggle together the prime numbers up to 100 for the test.

One thing i have been experimenting is creating journeys using video games locations. I realized i can remember many of them and they all have some emotional connection to me. Ive created one out of the Able Sisters Shop in Animal Crossing New Leaf, one of my childhood classics. It looks like this.

The tricky thing is that the game is in 3rd person and you often see the entire room from your view. This differs from how i normally use memory palaces, first person journeys of places ive been trough.
My view in this case is like a zoomed in camera that jumps between different key areas in the room, like the cash registrer, and Sable with her sewing machine.
Is this how people use films and screencaps as journeys?
Also wondering if theres any advantage to imagine my in game avatar walking around instead, but this method works really well for me so far.

Final interesting thing to note: whenever i “walk” through this palace i hear the music that plays in the game. I am pretty good at remembering tunes naturally, i thought this was a bit funny. Will i also associate the music with the information ill be storing in this place? I pondered about this a little, and maybe having a background track in your journeys will add an emotional element that makes them easier to remember?

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Hi Zillia, welcome back. All the best on your math exam.

Thank you @deeptravel. I think i did quite good on the math exam! First math test i ever done where i a) sit the full three hours and b) dont get a massive headache afterwards. :grin:
Otherwise, i have walked a few journeys, i remember everything from my Able Sisters one, so its ready for usage! I want to hear some thoughts on my “routiine” for creating palaces:
After having created a new palace (usually i write down and or count all the loci and walk thorugh it twice), i recall it atleast three times, and after that, i create and Anki card with its name and number of loci. I let anki do its magic with spaced repetion, have no plugins on it.
I tend to rate it so that if i miss 5 or more loci in a recall or if it is difficult to recall i will press again or hard. Flawless recall gets easy.
I haven’t seen so much about using Anki decks for this? Or i’m not searching correctly.

That’s great about the exam.

You are using Anki for empty memory palaces? That seems to be what you are saying. I use Anki for knowledge in memory palaces but not for the palaces themselves. I keep my palaces pretty basic, using real places that I know well. I have a few memory palaces that I use for temporary items but most of them are for knowledge I want to remember, say from books or podcasts.

Do you have anything in your memory palaces?

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I do use Anki for full palaces as well. After I’ve begun putting something in them, I will usually create a new card for it and delete the old one, to refresh the spaced repition, but sometimes I feel confident enough that I will remember the information stored, and I keep the old.
I don’t use it for information in the palaces but that seems to be common here and I don’t really understand it. (cus then aren’t you juat relying on anki completely, do you even need the palaces then?)

I don’t put every item in Anki. Here’s how I often do it: Let’s say I have a memory palace that’s made out of one room and it has 12-20 items in it. I usually chunk it into 4 or 5 pieces. I’ll make one card in Anki for each memory palace chunks. When the card is due I’ll look at that section of the memory palace in my mind and recall the items.

Memory palaces vary in size and the complexity of the information in them varies. So the size of the chunks varies.

If I don’t do that, items will begin to drop off over time. Or it takes too long to remember certain items. Doing Spaced Repetition keeps them fresh. For an older palace I don’t see cards for a long time.

I usually put them in Anki after they are solidly in my mind. I’m talking about filled palaces.

I’m no longer a student and other than palaces that I use for temporary items, all my palaces are permanent. I make new palace all the time. I only re-use my temporary palaces.

As a student you probably have a more short term strategy.

How specifically are you combining Anki and the memory palace technique, as a student?

Have a good morning.

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Thanks so much for the answer, an interesting method! Apart from my method i mentioned earlier, i dont have much else. I mostly really on Anki for my third language though. I might put some of the grammatical rules in a palace, but i mostly stick to decks with sentences for comprehensible input.
Have a good evening.

Summer break is finally here.
I’ve started to use one of my 3rd person game palaces for a book to test them out. I choose another animal crossing one, this image does not show the full store.
I started reading the Sherlock Holmes handbook, and it is actually pretty entertaining, and i want to remember certain things, like how to deduce a persons height by the length of their footprint. Did a recall, and found most of it to be solid. There’s two things nagging me right now, however:

  1. My brain is a bit too eager to memorize stuff and tries to craft a loci right after I read something interesting, and I find this really messes up my flow when reading, I’m not sure when to space reading and memorizing to get it to not feel choppy.
  2. When i walk through these game palaces, I instantly try to view them in a more first-person perspective, like if I were the in-game character. I find it interesting how my “default memorizing mode” is to view it like that, and I don’t feel like it’s difficult to imagine how it will look. Think I stick to whatever perspective my mind thinks is best, maybe it’s not best to fight against it.
    Still eager for Memory Craft, and this Sherlock Holmes book is so short I might start on Jane Eyre before it gets here. : /