Yanjaa Memorizing the IKEA Catalog

Great video. :slight_smile:

Meet IKEA's Human Catalogue, Yanjaa Wintersoul. She memorised the unforgettable 2018 IKEA Catalogue. All 328 pages of it.

And in Mashable:

"A lot of people ask me, is there [such a thing as] a photographic memory? And I say no — many people even claim to have it and I say if you have it, come [compete] with me...and they always finish last," she said.

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I was curious what system she would have come up with for this? She is able to both “retrieve” by page number and by image description, suggesting some kind of peg system? Any idea how someone could “peg” by description? That was amazing, but again not surprising from someone who holds a world record for image memorization!