World Memory Championships 2013

I am coming, too and help arbiting.

Really? Now I feel responsible for this stupid rule because I wanted to do exactly that in 2009 to be able to cover the event for my website at the same time. They told me I have to choose and I chose journalism. Poor choice if I think about it now. I trained very hard for the GMM and could have had it in my pocket for years now. After that I didn’t compete anymore. But I am planning on changing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Boris,

I’m sorry for bothering you again but the registration is now closed while I have yet to pay my fee. I did receive an invitation letter because I did fill out and submit the registration form. However, there was a problem with my VISA card and the payment was not sent. I’m having my card issuer to look into the problem but in the mean time, is there any other way for me to secure my competition place?

Thank you,

Hi Lim,

I don’t think that Boris is the right person to ask for that. He is “just” a competitor himself. You should rather contact Jennifer Goddard from the WMSC about that: jennifer(at)

See you in London :slight_smile:

Hi Flauwy,

Thanks for your reply. I did send her a Facebook message. Given that the maximum capacity of the hall is 120 people, and only (123 - 34 =) 89 registered people have paid, I am really hoping that I can get a seat within the next couple of days.

Thanks again,

Could someone clear up how the scoring works for me? Each event is standardized to a score of 1000, and there are 17 to 19 events. So how can the maximum score be 10,000?

@Lim: Please also write to Phil Chambers ([email protected])

@LociInTheSky: There are “only” ten events in each competition.The World Memory Championships consists of the ten disciplines as described in

The “other” events are shorter events for one- and two-day competitions or for juniors only (vocabulary), so there are more than ten events existing.

Within a single competition therefore a score of 10,000 would mean to have an average score of 1,000 points in each events. An extremly rare performance - but also not a maximum score, as Johannes Mallow proved this year in Sweden, where he achieved, as the first competitior ever, to score OVER 10,000 points in a memory competition.

There are different standards for memory competitions but none is longer than 10 disciplines. The Millennium standard of 1.000 points for each category depends on the three top scores. So technically you can have more than 1.000 points in each discipline and therefore get more than 10.000 points in one competition. If three athletes break a certain Millennium standard, the bar will be raised a little bit (I believe by 20% but I am not sure). That means that instead of Score X = 1.000 points it would be Score X+20% = 1.000 points. All rankings will be adjusted accordingly.

The only one who ever crossed the 10.000 championship points so far is Johannes Mallow. He achieved 10.061 points at the Swedish Open 2013. It is presented wrongly at the official memory statistics page because their system cannot deal with a 5-digit ranking yet. The correct number you can find on the MemoCamp World Rankings.

Here is a new article about the competition:

Jennifer Goddard posted an interesting PDF about the competition:

I really wish I could be in London at the moment, but I wasn’t able to go due to being in the middle of a large project in San Francisco.

Is there anyone at the WMC who isn’t competing who would like to help with extra live coverage of the event? Please send me a private message or leave a comment below if interested.

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Hey Josh, I am here as an arbiter. I will try to keep you posted via Facebook. But I will also hav to work super hard to get the results done as soon as possible.

Thanks… I also just added a page that streams news from Twitter with the hashtag #wmc13.

The opening day went pretty I well I think. There was a nice flag ceremony and registrations took all day. Simon Reinhard canceled last minute so one of the favourites is out of the game. Let’s see what the first day of the actual competition will bring. I am already exhausted…

Hi, everyone!

I’m here at the WMC in Croydon Conference Centre, which has really good wifi, I’m told! I’ll try to update everyone with what’s going on here during the weekend.

Simon not being here is a great shame, but we’ve still got all the other hot favourites! I’m sitting at the front of the room (I always like to do that, there’s less chance of distractions), with Boris Konrad to my right and Nelson Dellis just behind me. They’re testing the spoken numbers at the moment, and we’ve got a big screen at the front of the room for the first time ever at the WMC, showing Jennifer’s statistics at the moment, but intending to have live timers created by Andy Fong during the disciplines! It’s almost like living in the 21st century!

Names and faces first today, then binary and hour numbers. For the record, I’ve done no training this year, and I’m just hoping to end up in the top ten.

I’m wearing a souvenir shirt from last year’s Memoriad, with “Mega Vitamin” logo and a picture of a brain cell on it. Tony Buzan has just told me that he drew the picture…

Tony told us all that today is a very special day because we’re all being given a free copy of his official biography. :slight_smile:

Names and faces went as well as it usually does for me, and with binary, knowing how badly I did at the UK championship, I was aiming for 3000 and think I maybe got a bit more than that. When we get the first results we’ll know a bit more about who’s going to be in contention this year… :slight_smile:

And we’re at the end of the first day already! (Well, except for the arbiters, who have to stay up all night marking the hour numbers)

Boris won the names and faces, just fractionally ahead of Jonas and James Paterson, and was very very pleased about it! I always like to think that the competition hasn’t really started until we get the results of one of the ‘real’ disciplines, of course… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates… :slight_smile:

I was hoping that they would post scores on world memory statistics, but it looks like it was knocked offline from the traffic. :confused:

Check out the results on Facebook under #WMC13 - I posted pictures of the score sheet. I am sitting in the arbiters room double checking Nelson Dellis Hour Numbers result. I should continue and stop following all this social media… :wink:

I just posted a new page that lists all tweets coming from the competition in real time:

(The official Twitter widget doesn’t contain all the tweets, but the new page does…)

I still need to reverse sort the list and format things better, which I’ll work on this morning.