World Memory Championships 2013

I tried to see if there was a way to embed the #wmc13 feed from Facebook, but it doesn’t appear to be possible.

Even visiting the hashtag page only shows me a couple of posts from Idriz Zogaj and one from Jennifer Goddard:

It was great talking to Florian (Flauwy) today, especially when we were both running late because London train services have special schedule on weekends. I did horrifically in the first day though (half of my hour numbers might have been shifted to the right 4 places).

Oh well…

Hey lim, I am glad I spoke to you even if I just had the feeling that I might have seen you at the opening ceremony. Good luck for today.

Have you guys seen the results from day one? OMG! (This is temporary and still missing the top ten results of Hour Numbers which will be announced as first thing in the morning)

New world record in speed numbers?

Here are a couple of articles about from the Telegraph:

[all statistics quoted here are subject to change if it turns out I’ve remembered something wrong]

We have a new World Memory Champion!

Jonas von Essen led from start to finish, nearly (Boris beat him by one name in the names & faces) and produced an awesome all-round performance to become Sweden’s first WMChampion!

Johannes Mallow was unwell on the first day, but recovered to set the only new world record of the championship (501 in speed numbers!) and finished off with a 27.5-second speed cards to force Jonas to work extra-hard for his victory!

Christian Schäfer completed the very-young-people’s domination of the podium (he’s 21, Jonas is 22 - I didn’t even start competing until I was 23…) with third place and some amazing results, most notably 2351 in hour numbers!

Ola Kåre Risa was fourth (or possibly third; I think Christian got an okay time in speed cards, but I might be wrong…), finishing in style with a 29-second pack of cards that was still only good enough for the bronze medal in that discipline (I did 28.08) - that must surely be the first time three people have gone under 30 seconds in the same competition!

Namuuntuul Bat-Erdene (17-year-old girl from Mongolia!) was either fifth or at worst sixth, with very nearly 3000 binary digits and a lot more than 2000 in hour numbers!

Boris Konrad was whatever place is remaining in the top six - let’s say he was sixth, so we can marvel at the four different nations making up the top five! And no British people in the top six! :slight_smile:

I moved up to seventh with my speed cards time, which is about as good as I could have hoped for. Behind me came the much-improved Marwin Wallonius, Nelson Dellis and Mark Anthony Castaneda, not necessarily in that order.

James Paterson deserves a mention for getting the highest score in random words, too!

All the arbiting and organising team deserve huge congratulations, too! We had at least four former competitors among them - Dominic, Idriz, Gaby and Florian - and they helped the whole thing flow smoothly. Greatest innovation of the 2013 WMC was the big-screen display showing how much time was remaining, and when competitors were allowed to leave the room!

What a surprise! Congratulations, Jonas!

I just wonder if anyone knows what happened to Johannes in the first day? He got half of his result in hour numbers (~1000 digits) in five minutes (501 digits), which seems a little strange to a non competitor like me!

So, Jonas Von Essen won this year’s title? Congratulations to him.
Right after winning, he claimed in an interview to want to find a “vegan cupcake shop.”
I use vegan cupcakes as rewards when I do well in my memory training. Does anyone know if Jonas is vegan?
If he is, it would really help me here in Canada because I know of a large Canadian vegetarian association (TVA) who certainly would like to boast of this fact. (lead in fish causes mental retardation in children, beef gives Mad cow disease)
This would also give the Canadian Memory Championships some much needed publicity with the upcoming 2014 Memory Championships in Toronto. So, if anyone can confirm Jonas’ dietery preference, I will rush to inform some people who otherwise would have very little interest in memory sports.

Simon L.

On Monday, Sweden’s Jonas Von Essen trounced the hot favourite, Johannes Mallow of Germany

"I didn’t expect to win. It’s only my second time here. I’m really pleased with my score. I’m told it’s the highest ever.

“I’ve been training for four to five hours a day and now I just want to do some sightseeing and to find a vegan cupcake shop.”

Read more:

Thanks for all the updates… I just wrote a blog post with links to this forum thread and more articles about the competition…

Amazing. I don’t know if Jonas is on here but congratulations to him. Excellent competition! Great job to Florian on his memory sports site. :smiley:

Btw anyone knows what happened to Johannes?

Btw anyone knows what happened to Johannes?
I guess anyone can have a bad day. Besides, he didn’t do that bad (he got over 8000 points after all). But I also heard that he had to go to the toilet during the hour numbers memorization, which might explain why he “only” got a bit over 1000 (less than half his score from last year).

Also, Jonas was in the top 3 in all but two disciplines; he became 6th in speed numbers with 322 numbers and 8th in speed cards with 43 seconds. Those are not bad scores. Not at all.

Does anyone know if Jonas is vegan?
I think so (at least “half-vegan”). I will point him to this thread, and then maybe he’ll come back to you about it. :slight_smile:

I asked Jonas if he was vegan on Facebook. He replied that yes, he is vegan.