World Memory Championships 2013

The WMC 2013 are now confirmed to be in Croydon, South London, UK in the Croydon Conference Center from November 30th (Saturday) to October 2nd (Monday).

The fee was raised from 50 to 80 GBP (60 GBP for kids and juniors).

Great… I will search for flights.

I’m going to try WMC this year… It’s probably going to be debut even for me country, not just for me.
But there are another 3 people coming with me, not to compete, but to visit new country, so I’ll travel by bus, some student agency, I don’t know. It’s not going to be expensive.

Do you think they will translate words for me into Slovak language? I think it’s not an easy task, because they probably have no contacts here, maybe I’m wrong, who knows. Random words, that’s a really difficult discipline for me, because in Slovak language, words are spelled the same way as they are written, which is an advantage, but English is something really strange. Of course, there are some exceptions, but scoring would be interesting. I couldn’t get 0.5 point. Either I know it or I don’t. So even English-speaking arbiter could correct my papers.


great! Looking forward to seeing you there.
If you send an email to the WMSC at World Memory Sports Council [email protected] they will make Slovakian translation (as long as you pay your registration fee latest one month before the event). They have to, that is in the rules.

Hey guys, I’m trying to register, but it doesn’t like the format of my phone number. Prefix for Slovakia is +421, so my number looks like:

  • my operator is T-mobile (if it helps).

But it says I have to use proper format, for example “1234.56”.

I’d try google for more information, but I don’t wanna risk some problems.

Thanks. :wink:

just write 00421 instead of +421

Best regards,

£80 to enter?

And what are the prizes?

No prizes.

Well, that keeps me from entering this year. Thought I could simply check it out, you know, feel the first timers stress, get familiar with atmosphere and people, and next year maybe go for the top, but 80 £ + flight… Not that prize would change anything for me, my hands doesn’t reach that far yet. Just a thing of principles, I guess, or to put it simply - just can’t afford it.

I don’t have much money, but I’d like to fight for GMM title, and generally, try it for the first time… And who knows if WMC will take place in England next year. It could be next two consecutive years in China, and then it would start being really expensive!

Hi Knightwalker,

According to what I’ve just seen on Face Book, the 2014 World Memory Championships will be indeed in China. Good guess there. (At least one of two.) I wonder if memory training makes you better at ESP.

Also, if you can manage to make it to the world’s top 16 GMM, you’d risk being invited to an extreme Memory tournament in America, with paid expenses next year. Aren’t you going to aim for that or will you rather play safe?

Simon L.

Pfuu, so my prediction was right, that this is a good chance to do something. I’d like to acquire GMM title… I think it’s a good goal for the beginning of each of us who takes memory competitions seriously.

As far as I know, invitation is something I can refuse, so I wouldn’t be worried about this. And it would be a honor to be invited, don’t you think?

And I need to finally meet that pressure, have my ass kicked by best memorizers in the world, and then start my carrier of mnemonist. It’s expensive as hell, I know, but I was working all the summer with bricks and concrete to earn some money. Payments here are

I sent my registration, but after I did that, I realized that maybe there should be more information in my address in order to send me something, like invitation letter. Do you think they will ask me for more information if it isn’t enough? Or should I sent it as a reply to the e-mail indicating confirmation of my registration?

Today I activated my Internet baking and things like that, so I was thinking about paying, because I was doing it for the first time.

Hey guys, do you have any idea what will be the schedule for WMC this year?
They didn’t send me anything in the invitation letter, so I’d like to have more informations.

Thanks. :wink:

I’m curious about the schedule too. What time does it start in the morning? I’m not 100% sure that I can go, but I will try. I think that I would have to leave California on Thursday and return on Sunday due to my schedule at the moment.

Here is the schedule. Jennifer Goddard heard my plea on facebook.

Once I saw a schedule (WMC 2012) where even a day 0 for registration and competitors briefing was present, so I replied another comment containing the question concerning that Day 0.

I’m sorry, the attachment wasn’t correct, so here’s the image I was talking about in the previous post,

Hi guys,

I’m 90% going. I’m aiming to become the first Vietnamese grandmaster, or even the first Vietnamese competitor, lol. But really, I have been dreaming of going for three years now. Finally it looks like I am going to make it this time.

However, they say that apart from 2 minutes for speed cards, 1000 digits for hour number, 1000 cards for hour card, I need to perform reasonably well in other disciplines to get the title. Does any of you know how well is reasonably well? I’m completely clueless at the moment about historical dates and abstract images.

Thank you in advanced. I need to make up my mind fast because it takes at least 2 weeks to get an UK visa in my country.

P/s: I really want to see Mr. Josh Cohen in person and thank him for this wonderful forum.

Hi Lim,

great to hear!

The idea behind the rule is to prevent competitors to only compete in the three discplines important for the Grand Master, as some did in the past.

If you have a system that is good enough to memorize 1000 digits in an hour, you wont score poorley in dates either, I am sure. Just try it a few times. Same for Abstract Images: Just find a simple system like associating each abstract image with a real image you can put on your loci and that is good enough.

What is no excepted is to just sit through the event and only attempt a handful of dates or images. Everything else is fine!

Best regards,

Hi Boris,

Thank you so much for your clarification. I guess time to book my flight then. Oh wait, register first.