Who used lukasa memory board before ?!

I used this method with what I have isn’t the same but you get the idea! I start from left to right and the middle —>

This the actual bord from the tribes in Congo this how it’s look like


Looks good. Did it work for you? :slight_smile:

I added a tag (#memory-boards) to your post so that people can find it more easily when looking for information on Lukasas.


Thank you it’s good to memorize a sequence of short events, data or history. Used like memory palace you can touch and feel the materials.

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As a lukasa fan, I can attest to how well they work. That looks great, Artmemorylover. Lots of variety and a clear sequence.

So many people write to me about their lukasas and other memory boards. This is the lukasa I use for the 412 birds of my state, Victoria in Australia.

This is my first lukasa and I made no effort to set out the beads in an order which matched the information. I just glued them on and then added the information about each of the bird families to each bead, or group of beads. Then I used stories to add all the species into the families. It works a treat! I am still shocked how well they work.

I made more effort with my second lukasa, based on this real one from the Brooklyn Museum:


I designed my one based on it, to encode the history of writing and scripts. It was so much easier to encode.

Touching the beads, their position, colours, feel, sequence … to add information just as you would with a memory palace, all works a treat. I think that Artmemorylover’s lukasa will work really well because of the variety in objects that he has chosen. People who write to me and send images of their lukasa, tend to use much more variety than I have. I’m going to do another one!

P.S. If you think the workmanship on my second lukasa is pretty impressive, then I am happy to take credit - but it isn’t warranted. I asked a friend, a skilled instrument maker, to make it for me.



Your boards looking fantastic,I didn’t expect to get a reply from the book author in person,actually I’m using the lukasa ,your alphabet characters,the body part and hands locations.Thank you for your compliment about mine .

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