What's mindmap, If you tried could you eloborate your experience?

Hi, I have searched on internet but as you guess everyone tells different stuff so I decided to ask here which is masters of memory lives there.


In a simple sense it’s a diagram that can be used to organise information and particularly represents the relationships of the information in full.

Some people like them very much, I personally do not like them too much. My experience using them was that they are quite memorable, work best with key points but take too long to make.

The advantages of mind maps are particularly on the relationships. By thinking about and noting down the many relationships between pieces of information you can have a much higher comprehension and understanding of a topic, at least in principle. The many relationships and the organisation is also more memorable than just a piece of written text.

As I have mentioned however, I find them a bit long to make. If you are making written notes, they might not come off as longer than those.


There are some examples on the Freeplane website:

You can download it and try it, or draw them on paper.

There’s also a related discussion here: Mind map software-generated

You can even draw them directly in the forum by using Graphviz format like this:

Sun Sun Mercury Mercury Sun--Mercury Venus Venus Sun--Venus Earth Earth Sun--Earth Mars Mars Sun--Mars Moon Moon Earth--Moon Phobos Phobos Mars--Phobos Deimos Deimos Mars--Deimos

I don’t use mind maps often, but some people like them. I prefer to keep my notes in lists, and I’ll draw diagrams, but they aren’t exactly mind maps. I sometimes use things like color and arrows, but more like this: