What Memory Techniques Are You Teaching Your Kids?

Are any of you teaching the mnemonic tricks you’ve learned to your kids? Was it fun for them or did they hate it? What sorts of things did they succeed in memorizing?


I am using the idea of “Lukasa”(got the idea from Lynne Kelly’s book) to teach my son names of animals,flowers,odd numbers,even numbers,and things like that. I am also using ‘acrostics’ to make it easy for him to remember things chronologically. Both techniques are working well for him. He can memorize items faster than before.

I have a plan to introduce “Memory Palace” to him in future. My son is moderately autistic. So,it is tough for him to understand how to make complex visual associations in Memory Palaces. However,because Lukasa is easier to grasp and use,I have tried it. So far,he is doing fine,performing more positively than I expected…

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