What has been the most effective method for you to remember 1000 numbers?

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Hi guys, I’m pretty new to memory training and I’ve been simply overwhelmed by the amount of information and methods that I found online. One of the things I’d like to achieve is to remember 1000 random digits, but I simply don’t know what method is the best to use. This is a goal that I’d like to achieve as soon as possible, making it highly inconvenient and ineffective for me to try and learn the methods and see which one works best. What has worked the best for you? (if you mention a method you use, I’d be very grateful if you could provide some links or sources where I can learn it/practice it best.) Thank you

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just 2 digits system will be enough , u needn’t Pr0 systems for garbage 1000 digits xDDDD this isn’t any challange lol xd and i reccomend u more train and less read about technics because 99% technics who are on network are useless and garbage ;D really i think less than 1% ppl train it , rest only looking for easy Pr0 technic who 'll improve remember skills to incredible level but it doesn’t work like this ;D , i reccomend u normal 2 digits system and loci method , just put 5 images at every single place so u will have pretty segregated digits 10:10:10:10:10 etc and for example first 10 places who u associate with one things , next 10 with diffrent etc and then when someone 'll ask u what is digit number 484 u can easy answer ;D i reccomend u just first understand how work technics later train for time normal competitions like face and names , words , cards , digits, photos , abstract images , etc if u are complete begginer and didin’t understand me i gonna explain yet one time to every 2 digits who are possible so 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,(…),99 u must create word nouns will be the best possible option and remember it with use normal remember skill or with associations as u 'd , later u will need 10 places and every single place have to 10 rooms , for example i like gothic (game) so i can image road there and split road for 10 places okay? and i put it , next i going to the penal colony and split there road to 10 pieces too , next i gonna to jarkendar and there also split road for 10 pieces , next i gonna to irdorath and again split road to 10 pieces … and u need 10 location i gave u 4 xD but look i know excatly this game but u musn’t , locations should be ur , later u have for example 26 16 34 45 42 so i realize huge chocolate (26) this chocolate have 4meters and robert burneika (bodybuilder who’s 16) start to eat this chocolate , next i see at him back a proboscis monkey (34) who juggles a chest (chest is 45 and juggles is systemless , this is reason why u shouldn’t put verbs in ur system it just put u limits) and from the chest jumps out terrorist (42) , okay next u going to next pieces on ur road and u again do it again , when u 'll have done it u gonna to next place , etc , etc untill end ;D later u replay everything 3/4times and u try to say as fast is possible all from start till end and then u become fluent in this , when u have train it this is less than 10min , if u have some more experience this is less than 5


To memorise 1000 random digits, go for PI.
3.1415 etc…

It’s probably one of the best methods to practice your number system.


That’s understandable @erikzavodsky. The methods you find on the forum are luckily not mutually exclusive… you’ll need to do three things:

  • create a memory palace to there the information somewhere
  • create a number to image system to translate the information
  • store the images for your number in your memory palace

To achieve your goal of 1,000 digits, you’ll need to create a memory palace with 200 locations. Consider this your canvas to paint on… without it don’t even bother getting started. One of the easiest ways is to use Google Street View (inside Google Maps) and choose locations that way.

If you go the pi route as @Erol suggests, you can start with 20 locations (5 digits each) in or around your apartment/house. After that move on to this post I’ve written previously on how to memorize the first 2,100 digits of pi (i.e., the 2,000 after your initial 100):

If you’re just getting started it’d be easiest to go with a 00 … 99 Person-Action-Object (PAO) system. The 3-digit system I mention in the post will require 1,000 instead of 100 images for PAO and even though it’s nicer to ensure image uniqueness, it’ll be quite a challenge for a newcomer to set it up… you don’t go running a marathon on your first day either.

So, find 20 locations somewhere to get started, then create PAO images for the numbers as you need them. Your choice if you use Dominic System or Major System to translate the digits into letter, but stick to one once you’ve decided (…personally, I use a 3-digit major system):

14 - TR TeRi Hatcher (person) doing something (action) to something (object)
15 - TL TyLer Durden (person) punching (action) something (object)
92 - PN PeNN & Teller (person) pulling rabbit out of (action) a hat (object)
*using major system to translate digits into letters

and then store the compound image 14 (person) with 15 (action) with 92 (object) in the first location… so if you are going bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc… or whatever makes sense at your place. Teri Hatcher is punching a hat in your bedroom. Add some reasoning as to why she’s doing that and you’re good with the first six digits of pi. Move to the bathroom and place 265358 there, etc.

By doing them in order of pi rather than 00 … 99 you will see some immediate impact, so that’s good motivation. Also you won’t fall behind on the number of locations in your memory palace. I suggest you use Paris as described in the link above once you make it past the first 100 digits (20 locations). It is really convenient to have the district numbers to keep track of where you are.

Also check out the link to Memrise in the post. Memrise is a spaced repetition software (SRS), which is a good technique to ensure that you don’t forget what you’ve memorized. Lastly, if it helps you with goal setting have a look here and consider getting on the list yourself. Might be additional motivation to keep that goal in mind:


Last bit of motivation… your goal of 1,000 digits was actually the world record in 1973. :wink:

NB: for more detail check posts on the forum as far as memory palaces and major system (or Dominic System if you prefer those codes). You can skip number shape as that is single digit as well as linking method because 1,000 digits is too long to link and you’ll need to use a memory palace.

(Erik) #5

Thank you for your response, it was helpful. As you suggested, I’m going to go for the PAO system. Though I’d like to hear your opinion on my slight adjustment of this. Since I live in central Europe, the pre-made lists that I found usually contain people who I’m simply unfamiliar with. Quite obviously then, I’m going to fill my PAO list with different people. But I modified it in a way that I split those 100 numbers in 10 categories - 0 to 9, 10 to 19, etc. Each category represents a different group of people - 0 to 9 could be sportsmen, 10 - 19 stereotypically historic figures, etc. So if I, say, get a number 42 - the 4 would represent the category the person belongs to, and the number 2 would be translated to “n”, making it the first letter of the the person’s last name. What do you think about this?


Not a good idea to go with premade lists anyway… the images should be meaningful to you. But I’m sure there’s actors, musicians, and other famous people in Central Europe as well.

Sure, why not… if it helps you come up with images. Most people that use category systems use them for a 000 - 999 system though. Ultimately, it ends up in your memory as a direct double digit to image anyway after a while of practicing your system, so it doesn’t really matter.

Are you going to make the categories match the letter equivalent of the number… or how are you planning on encoding the association of tenth digit to category?