Wang Feng System: any tips on this system?

Hi!, I finally decided which system is better for me. I enjoy the idea used by Wang Feng:

Two digit system combining 2 images together. Which covers 4 digit in one location. With practice it becomes very fast and it works like you only have one image.

Where I can find details and tips for this system, please???


My intention is to use “Wang Feng’s” system with Joannes Mallow’s SHADOW SYSTEM idea. For the ones doesn’t know this, shadow system was created by Joannes Mallow for speed cards. Is used by the speed cards record holder: Alex Mullen. The idea is:

Each image can represent either a black-first pair or a red-first pair. If you see the black-first version, you continue linking images on the current locus. If it’s the red-first version, you make that image the last one on that locus and move to the next locus. That’s the idea of shadow system.

“Wang Feng” System combined with “shadow system” willl be a great evolution of “Wang Feng”, will be like this:

You need two digit system (100 images). You need to memorized half of the images like “pair images”. For example:

If I have: 6743, The first image is unpair (67), so this image works like the red-first version in cards and means.

The use of the shadow system" in “Wang Feng’s” system means 3 advantages:

  1. Using half images (5.000)

  2. You don’t need to think IN THE ORDER OF THE OBJECTS for to connect them and still YOU NEVER CAN CONFUSE 3789 with 8937.

  3. The point number 2 to involve BE ABLE TO DO THE CONNECTION FASTER. Because your mind need to think less, Because in the original way: having to read the numbers left to right is more complex.
    This is like the idea in mental calculation of:

Seeing 7 and 8 as 15 means not even noting ‘7’ or ‘8’ more than a microsecond and going directly to the idea of ‘15’.
We don’t need to read that addition from left to right or right to left. “IS ABOUT A WHOLE THING”
We learned to say ‘7’ plus ‘8’ equals ‘15’ in school. A real waste of time.

Shadow system is a present for me for this 3 reasons.

If Wang Feng indeed does something really unusual, I don’t think it’s commonly known, or it’s something specific to Chinese. What kind of system do you currently use? It sounds like you are talking about a basic two digit system, with two images per loci. If you have an object for each 2d number you are good to go.

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If you haven’t seen them yet, there are some posts about it on the site like these:

You can find more with the search box.

I have to say that my intention is to use shadow system with “Wang Feng’s system”. I explain this in the description of this thread.

Thank you Josh!!. Very kind of you!. That images are the ones used by Wang Feng???, that was one of the things I was searching!!!

Grandzam, I was creating 3 digit system. And for various reasons, I realize that for me is better to use the extention of two digit system. I stop creating 3 digit system.

“Wang Feng” system can be very efficient with alot of training (Wang demostrate this memorizing 500 digits in 5 min which means only 20 digits less tan Alex Mullen and Wang have been memorized 2660 digits in one hour!!).

Probably there’s nothing special in Wang Feng method, but I want to know how exactly is Wang Feng way to memorize numbers. I was thinking questions like this::

I feel very lucky to have Wang Feng for to know the possible efficence of two digit system. Always I enjoy I enjoyed that idea, but I was thinking: “is much better 3 digit system” but Wang demostrate to the world something I never believed: astounishing results using that extention of two digit system!!!

I CHANGE MY OPINION DEFINITLY TODAY. I want to use 3 digit system, I’m sure is faster than “Wang Fengs” system. When you have memorized 1.000 images, you see the object very fast and clear. “Wang Feng” have to connect two objects, obviously conecting two objects is slower than simply seen an individual object very good associated to a every speific 3 digit number. So even considering that Wang creates an image with 4 digits I don’t belive can be faster than tan 3 digit system. Also you can see the best results ever with 3 digit system by Alex Mullen, and also Alex doesn’t practice 5 or 6 hours each day 3 months before every competition. I think he trains 1 hour day max. But obviously still I’m impressed with Wang results, one of the best ever!!!

You have to train all 10 000 combinations for the system. Trust me, it works. Look at Wei Qinru’s scores