Visualization and its extents


I have been been wondering. How strong is your ability to visualize objects. If there was a scale from 1-10 with reality being 10 and not seeing anything being 1 were would you place your visualization ability? Personally I would say 2 as I see only a foggy outline of shapes with little color.

I can visualise stronger sensations than I can see and feel. I actually get slight psychosis if I am too tired.


Really? That feels insane to me. The potential for exploitation feels limitless. What would be stopping you from mentally writing out a 5x5 digit multiplication problem and solving it?

I would say “10”!!

And in past,before I started practicing mnemonic techniques,my visualization used to irritate and frustrate me! Anything that I heard,read,even touched,my mind’s eye would automatically convert it into images! This would make things ‘vague and complex’ for me to understand,as I would have difficulty to manage and process multiple inputs…kinaesthetic,imagery,auditory,etc! I didn’t realize back then that imagery is my brain’s dominant and natural way to understand the external world!!

Nobody told me back then that I needed to capture ‘images’ in my mind by using things like Mind Palaces or Peg list! The problem with imagery/visualization for me is,images,though very vivid,are very fleeting and fast. I needed a way to capture those images(important ones!),so I could process them slowly. And MP solved this issue of fleeting and fast images for me!

However,not everyone is highly visual. And it is OK…You don’t actually need to be highly visual to use mnemonic techniques. Some people have “Aphantasia”. Still,they are able to use ‘mnemonic’ techniques. They use ‘concepts’ instead of visual images in their mind!


The same thing stopping me from calculating with a wall of numbers I can instantly generate. A 5x5 multiplication problem may not be so overwhelming though.

I can pretty much reliably generate a wall of text instantly across all the wallpapers of my house (or numbers), yet if I want to read them out I need to look at each word/number or chunk. Whilst doing so I need to be careful not to visualise on top of them or change the visualisation given how similar the digits are. I also wouldn’t really know if I changed something since these are products of my visualisation in the first place.

Putting an example to it. It’s kind of like when I show you a picture of a block of numbers, just a bit clearer depending on your eyesight. This means when I look at the left of perhaps a set of 30 digits, I run a high risk of modifying the digits on the right. The precision of my memory and not detail of my visualisation is most critical in this case so I see a boost in my ability to do this if I draw the numbers in my head or if the objects are not too similar.

There is definitely a lot of possible exploitation though.


Check out this post :

On a scale from 1 to 6, the results were :
1 : 14%
2 : 2%
3 : 10%
4 : 13%
5 : 13%
6 : 48%

For my part, my ability to visualize depends of my state of mind.
I need to be very relaxed to have a clear image in my head ; but most of the time, it’s quite blurry.

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This is where my visualisation is a bit different. When I try to solve a sudoku mentally I often have to visualise multiple numbers at the same time in order to continue solving the sudoku. For example, if I want to know if the number 5 should be in a certain place then I visualise all the other 5’s mentally and see if it works out but at the same time I check which 3x3 or horizontal/vertical line is almost complete or can be completed and I try to complete them mentally by visualising the other numbers. It is pretty tough and a bit the same as calculating chess moves mentally. You have to keep the other pieces or, in sudoku, numbers in mind by visualizing them while trying to find the next move or number.

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It depends on the amount of effort I put on it and also the place. I would judge 3-6. Today morning I had a vision of a ranch and I thought like “who said you cannot imagine images well and why the hell did you say that publically?”; then I realized later I was dreaming. It appeared so lucid I do not know whether if I was outside my body hovering with my supreme spirit over the place in which I was gazing or it was just a high definition projection made by my subconscious mind. I am having new bizarre sleep experiences… The score for that experience must have been between 9-12.