Using images 1000-1352. Ideas

Only just realized some people don’t have number associations for the images beyond 000-999 for the cards event.

I feel I could benefit from having either Numbers or other useful tools beyond 1000.

-Organization of the information logically that doesnt interfere with cards.
-What to use it with.

I could use 1000-1099 to represent a second contained 2 digit system- 00-99, within my 3 digit system. I could use this to increase the divisible numbers I am able to memorize in. Eg. Instead of only memorizing by 3, 6, 9, 12. I could do 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9. Would this be helpful? There are other ways to get around this problem, like by using the zeros to start the number, or have overlapping numbers in the middle between two images… for example 1234567 = 123, 456, 567. (seems clumsy and difficult to do math with)

Another idea came from when use Errol said he makes a mirror image of 11 into 11 by including a mirror. example 11 =. drum sticks, 1111 = drum sticks hitting a mirror.

Are there functions that would be useful? Mirror or repeat?
Maybe I could encode a function…

479 + image = repeat… 479, vs mirror 479974. or… to the power of? or other math signs…

what about encoding 1/16 fractions for carpentry repeating within a decimal encoding.

1000-1099 being 0.00-0.99
and also repeat 1/16 x 4 (as it would repeat every even number starting on 01-15, 21, 41, 61, 81
1/16 are frequently used and multiple images could help avoid confusion.

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A few years ago I’ve heard a quote by Einstein “Everything should be simple but not simpler”. This was the most effective way for me to learn, teach, and to be more creative.

So I always choose simple vs complicated. And I always try to improve an existing method by way of simplifying it even further if it can be simplified, but at the same time not simpler than the existing simple.

The way you are trying to figure out seems very complicated to me. If you are trying to simplify and existing system, and to make it better and faster then I’m all in with it so I can learn something new.

To use 0000-9999 you’d need 10.000 images which most of use don’t or won’t make the effort. So to accomplish that, we use Chunking, 00 00 with PA, or PAO.

So I’ve tried using maths with cards and numbers but with no success. I’ve spent days on end trying to simplify it with a maths, but none of my efforts made it simpler and or faster.

But I stumbled upon another method while trying it. Below;

** Reverse-LR-Mirror-Method.**
The only thing I found was the “Reverse Digit Method” while I was experimenting with different methods which turned out to be nothing to do with maths in the end.

Using the Mirror method with the chunks of Twin Double digits such as 00 00, and so on, this made it somewhat simpler than paired linking the chunks. Do I get confused with it if it repeats? No. It’s the same as any other repeating twin pair digits.

But you just know immediately they all have a mirror for all twins.

With applying the Reverse LR Digit Method, It also eliminates almost half of the images.

I use a 2 digit shape base system. So it’s in two chunks such as 01 00 etc.

I see the images from Left To Right by default.
This is where the reverse digit comes handy if it is used and practiced.

01 00 | Spear through an Egg
The Spear is on the left and is inside the Egg.

So reversing that would be
10 00 | Spear through an Egg
But this time the Spear is on the Right

You can use this in Two ways;
By reversing the first digits, or by reversing the second digits.

01 becomes 10
15 becomes 51

but 01 is a single image that is used for 10 also.
The difference is; It’s either on the left or on the rigtht.

By reversing a two digit image such 01 & 10, you only use a single image either on the left, or on the right.

Some people sees this as upside down, but I prefer the left or right method.

I have explained this with more details if you like to know more about it that may be some use to you or give you further ideas.