USA Memory Championship Results 2013

This thread will contain updates about today’s USA Memory Competition. (2013)

Here are the Twitter tweets that have the #usamc2013 hashtag:

I’ve been following it for hours now. I can’t wait to see how DoubleHelix is doing on the cards :smiley:

Here are some additional places to follow the news:

Me too… :slight_smile:

I believe he is out of the race. I saw some pictures of what I believe where the last 8 canidates but I didn’t recognize him. I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I’m just reading some more comments about the competition here:

It looks like the top three at the moment are:
Nelson Dellis
David Kurtz
Michael Glantz


Here’s a photo of all the mental athletes:

Here are the eight finalists:

It should be on prime time TV. :slight_smile:

There is a TV show in production though. See the links on this blog post: 2013 USA Memory Championships News Coverage.

i dont get how this is not live on tv, at least i didnt find any channel(online)…and as i turn on my tv i see a card reading,to “know the future”…how is that on tv.?..haha… too bad. Thanks for the updates.

about a documentary right?

No one was eliminated from the random words in the finalist round until the 85th word. It’s happening now.

I think it’s a documentary.

Five finalists left… 100 words in.

Nelson won the random words.

Tea Party event is happening:

Final Tea Party Event scores, according to Twitter:

EDIT: sorry, the final three are Michael Glantz, Nelson Dellis, and Rom Kolli:

I think the last events is the double deck of cards…

i hope that dellis wins


Congratulations to Ram Kolli and all the competitors! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to him. He is a two times USA memory champ now like Ron White and Nelson Dellis. So what happened in the end?

Btw congratulations to doublehelix for making it to there! You’ll be our USA champ next year! :wink: