USA Memory Championship Results 2013

I’m hoping to find out more details. There will probably be footage in the TV show.

Here is a list of USA memory champions and a new wiki page for Ram Kolli (if anyone has more info to add to the page).

Here is an article about the winning high school team:
Mechanicsburg defeats rival Hershey in national memory competition

Here are the scores:

I will look for some footage on YouTube. Maybe someone recorded the final rounds…

So Glantz, Ram, and I were in the final 2 decks of card event.

I memorized both decks and knew them really well. Ram went for about 80 cards.

Michael slipped up on the 24th card (6 of diamonds). Then I slipped up on the 30th (Ace of Spades). The frustrating part is that it was one of those moments where I wasn’t focused and paying attention, even though I knew it. I don’t even know why I spoke so soon. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew what I was saying was wrong. I said 2 of Spades, even though that was a card Ram had just said two cards prior. So dumb.

Oh well. It’s all in the game. Ram is a heck of a competitor and I’m super happy he won. He told me he trained for two weeks prior, haha. Makes me wish I hadn’t spent a whole year.

Some personal thoughts on the event:

Even though the event was being filmed by Discovery/Science (which will air sometime this summer, so you all can watch me lose in slo-mo), the event was filled with mishaps and poor organization and judging. In the past this has happened, but every year it just doesn’t seem to get better. There were even a few points during the competition where I felt like I had wasted my time putting so much effort into something that the organizers weren’t taking as seriously as me. It even felt a bit embarrassing that I was there. I felt bad for the audience. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from competing in the future, it’s usually a fun experience with great people, but I’m afraid that this competition will never change for the better and that is not a good thing.

Man, I thought you’d win… I could only see the event by following twitter and in the end I was just refreshing the page. When I saw you hadn’t won I shouted: ‘NOOOO!’ That’s how surprised I was.

I think that the USA memory championship is one of the least organized things. Mostly because they want to make a show out of it. That tea party, the double deck booster events… I saw that there have been years where the person who ended second, had more points that the actual winner.

Anyway, I’m still jealous I can’t compete at a championship and I hope to see you somewhere on a world championship.

Looks like it was a crazy championship this year. Look at one of the Hershey kids doing so well, wow.
Does anyone know if Dr Perlmutter’s lecture was recorded?

And where did DoubleHelix finish!?

Congratulations to Nelson! Somehow luck plays a far greater role in the USAMC than other tournaments (Foer beating Santos, etc.)

Btw what is DoubleHelix’s real name?

Doublr Helix finished 11th.

His name is Lance. There was only One Lance in the competition. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for video footage. This is the only one I’ve seen so far:

And an article from March 14th that I just stumbled across:
USA Memory Champ Nelson Dellis Shares Memory Secrets

Thanks for the confidence, Yan.
It was quite a competition, it’s a shame you didn’t get to go Josh.
Nelson’s right about the mishaps - it was a circus.

During the tea-party event, for TWO different tea-people, Dottino had to stop them and say, “um, no - actually your favorite food is such and such, and your favorite car is a corvette, not a mini cooper.” They didn’t even have the same script - what the hell is that about? I was in the audience at that point and can tell you everyone was looking around like “was this organized by children?” after these errors continued.

In fact, after the digit memorization, I was told over the microphone that I had tied for 3rd place in speed numbers. A few hours later we were told that “one of the judges didn’t understand how to score properly” (how can you ■■■■ that up?) and that I was actually not in 3rd place. “Oops, our mistake.”

If the organizers took this competition seriously, it wouldn’t be fraught with errors. I doubt that they do.

Wait, Ram Koli got 1000 dollars because he won?

I wish I could have been there…

Yeah, I got $1000 in 2012 as well.