Tips for Memorizing Abstract Images?

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Here are a couple of sample abstract image sheets that someone sent me. Is anyone working on a system for memorizing abstract images?

how to memorize the abstract images

Hey, so the common technique for this event is pretty simple. First of all, when memorizing a row, you only need to memorize the first 4, the 5th one will be a freebee since it will be the one leftover during recall.

Next, just create a little story surrounding the images (associate them with what they look like/feel like) that are linked. I guess you could store them in a journey, but I just use a link method, so then im not wasting any journeys.

So some of the abstract blobs have distinct shapes, others have distinct textures. The shape of these blobs, if I recall correctly, there are a buttload, but as for the textures, there are only like 100 or so. A common technique is to simply memorize via images for the textures (which you pre-learn) and to ignore the shape.

Hope that helps.



Thanks again for the method mate. Actually I learnt somewhere that there are 50 sprites in all and I was going to devise a system for the sprites (textures). But your method is far easier and quicker.

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If we had a collection of all the textures, we could list them out and systematically make images for them. :slight_smile:


Do you guys know if we can have two different shapes but with the same texture or 2 similar shapes but with different textures on the same row?

I think Nelson’s method is better than encoding and memorizing the textures. But I’ll get down to it when I have some time and collect all the different textures to post it here.

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I’m not sure about having 2 similar things in the same row. If we could find a larger selection of old samples to look at…


based on your description and the samples provided, I do see several lines that have two images with same textures…


i have more abstract images samples than what you posted, will look for them they are buried somewhere…

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Great! The more samples, the better. :slight_smile:


James Ponder, an awesome guy from the UK, completed this website recently…


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Great resource…


if you haven’t already seen it…

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Thanks, watching it now…


doesn’t the new website look great?

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The one for the US competition? Just launched it yesterday…


yes, the US championship website. are you going to continue to update it/work on it?

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In the short term, probably just support, unless they would like more done to it…


i’m sure most of you have memory related alerts, but heres an article in case you haven’t seen it. posted feb. 14th 2011


Awesome article!!! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Anybody here can list up all the abstract images? I wanna trying to build the system for this event. Thanks.