"Those Who Are More Creative Can Think Of Ideas With Greater 'Distances' Between Them"

It seems like memory techniques might help with this.

Summary: A simple exercise of naming unrelated words and measuring the semantic distance between the words could serve as an objective measure of personal creativity, a new study reports.

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This supports a theory I have. Words is the best discipline for creativity, and this is why I recommend newcomers train words more than others.

Cards/Numbers- You are turning them into preset images that you have coded.
Images- I mean the images are already there.
Names- Requires skill to find a distinguishable feature but like cards/numbers you likely have preset images for the names.

Words- This requires true creativity on the spot, to create something vivid out of two words(in my case anyway, you may use more loci).

But even people brand new to memory, I recommend they attempt 10-15 in a minute. 1 per loci. This forces them to turn words into ideas which will help them visualize any concepts they need to learn in the future.


Three words with greatest distance.

Piece of cake.

McGill, Melbourne and Sao Paolo.

Sorry, Harvard…