How to improve your creativity

So I started using memory techniques pretty recently and one thing I am having difficulties with is information that is very vague and abstract. So I have created a mind palace and it is very useful as well as the MAJOR system for numbers, because the images I create are really clear and easy to comprehend. Easy nouns are easy to be creative with. For exemple, 95, a ball, i can be creative in so many ways with this. Size, action with object(bouncing), smell, color, emotion( angry ball because it is bouncing and cant stop), how it feels when you touch it.

But with adjectives or abstract nouns I find it difficult to come up with something. For exemple, what image would you give to words like: lie, potential, change, thoughts, skills, priority, oppurtunity, lesson, temporary , excuses,etc. Is there way of thinking or other ways to make an image with a words like these and then after that, how to be creative with it? For exemple, with thoughts i could imagine a cloud above someones head, but that is really easy to forget, because there is no sensation.
If you’re wondering what I trying to remember, its book titles.

Hi @juan1 ,welcome to the forum.

This is precisely why I never try to be creative when it comes down to encoding words.
A better approach would be to use rhyming words/Homographs/familiar associations etc.
I use actions/creativity only when nothing else works,as a last resort.

Usually,one should’nt try to memorize those abstract words,but in ur case it’s book titles,which I feel is a valid reason. I’ve tried to decode your word list,see if it helps.

Lies = lice comb.
Potential = Pot with an Energizer battery(as in Potential Energy).
Change = a dollar bill with some coins on it(as in - keep the change).
Thoughts = Statue of ‘Thinker’ or the Egyptian God Thoth.
Skills = Skillet.
Priority = reminds me of the late comedian Richard Prior.
Opportunity = (wh)opper burger with a tuna can.
Association= An Ass(donkey) or a (girl with a fine behind) at a station(railway/gas).
Lesson = bowl of Lasagne.
Temporary = bowl of Tempura shrimps.
Excuse=Think of an Ex-relationship(even a childhood crush would do).

Also,here are links for mnemonic images of filler words.

Hope this helps…cheers :relaxed:


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