The Periodic Table

Anyone got any ideas of how i can memorize the first 20 elements in the periodic table

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Well I made a palace for the periodic table, and just placed them in order on my journey. I used the memory pegs from here, i just found them easy to remember.


That’s great! Did you create all the images?

Oh cool, thanks alot

I did have a method that I created that tied the atomic numbers to the major system (e.g. 58 is cerium, lava in cereal), though if you’re in a rush, that might be a step too far.

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I’m not really in a rush, I’ve practically got 2 weeks, so let’s hear :relaxed: Sounds interesting

Here’s one I came up with that just associates the name with its corresponding number. I’ll assume you know the Major System and its phonetic links. Otherwise this system won’t make a lot of sense.


Nope, it was by this guy John Pratt. I think I found the website via an Anki deck.


Let me share my method how I have memorized the Periodic table with my family (wife and two daughters)

We selected 18 houses, houses where we all have visited many times, we share those memories as those are houses of our relatives and family friends.

I have a number object system using that system we attached objects on the front gate of every house like on our house main gate there is a giant pencil (image for number 1) and this way we are able to travel through all the houses in order (They will represent the 18 groups in periodic table)

We have identified 7 locations (stations) in every house like follows

  1. Compound (wall)
  2. Letter Box/ Garage
  3. Garden/staircase/front passage
  4. Front Door or Porch
  5. Living Room
  6. Kitchen
  7. Wash room

We have placed a story of something happening in every location which is related to the element we want to store, and we took care to involve the people who live in those houses to create the stories as they become very special hooks to remember those stories.

For example:

Our Kitchen has Cesium
Sizzler Museum (Cesium) (Ce) with LILY flowers everywhere (55) Daemon Salvador (From Vampire Diaries) with BAT (132.91) playing on the flowers trying to catch the Bat.

If you observe there is element its atomic number as well as atomic weight coded using Major System
So this way we have a story in every location. Many stories have the actual members of the family or friends family who live in the houses playing some role in the story.

This way we have the whole 118 elements encoded in our shared memory palaces woven into order using number object system

The total memory techniques used:

  1. Number object system (To order the 18 houses)
  2. Memory palace (7 stations in every house)
  3. Images, story technique and associations to create stories for the elements
  4. Major System to encode the numbers into memorable images

Every house hosts a group/column of the periodic table. To travel in periods we travel through all houses in order for one location like for the period starting with Potassium we start from Front porch of our house and them front porch of every house in order to travel through the period for Calcium, Scandium, Titanium etc.

I can share the whole system with you but it will not be of much use as it is personal having many references and images from Indian culture, house jokes and Indian words.

You can still use the way we have done using your own images and stories. It took us almost 18 days to create this system over a period of some months. We used to work on one house at a time and created stories together using imagination from all four of us in family. My aim was to make my daughters remember the periodic table and it worked.

Now when there is a reference of any element in news it gives me joy as I remember the story and the location. We revise the stories whenever we travel together, that has become our game to revise the system when ever we are together in car.