The Online Memory League Championship


An ongoing football-league-style competition for Memory League starts soon! It will work like this…

Competitors are divided into divisions of twelve players. For the first season, they are allocated to divisions based on their average position on the leaderboard (as at 18:00 GMT on 31 July 2017) and in the online Swiss tournament that ran from May to the start of July. Players who didn’t compete in the Swiss are based solely on their leaderboard position.

In a season, each competitor will play each of the others in the division once, with one match per week, on a schedule drawn randomly at the start of the season. Players can be flexible about when they play their matches, depending on availability and circumstances, but should try to stick to the schedule as much as possible.

Matches will consist of six games - each player chooses three different disciplines, with the choice alternating. The first player on the scheduled match list chooses the first discipline; the schedule will be arranged so that each player gets a roughly equal distribution of ‘home’ and ‘away’ matches. Draws are possible, both in individual disciplines and in the match as a whole.

If the match is a 3:3 draw, the players can (if they both agree to it) play a one-game ‘decider’, which can be any discipline they choose. If they don’t both agree to play the decider, then the match is a draw.

The league table gives two points for a match won, one for a match drawn. Players on the same number of points are ranked by number of disciplines won.

At the end of the season, the bottom two in each division are related to the division below, and the top two in each division are promoted to the division above. There are play-offs between the 10th-place in the upper division versus 3rd-place in the lower, and 9th-place in the upper versus 4th-place in the lower to determine promotion and relegation.
The top four in the first division go into play-offs for the grand title. 1st versus 4th and 2nd versus 3rd, followed by a grand final to determine the League Champion!

Play-offs and semi-finals are best of 9 games - players still can’t choose the same discipline twice, so if it gets to 4-4, the final discipline will be the one discipline that Player A (the higher-ranked in the league, who gets the first choice of discipline) hasn’t yet chosen.

The Grand Final will be best of 11 - the first game will be a Surprise Task! The loser of that game gets the first choice of discipline for the second, and once more the players can’t choose the same discipline twice.

Seasons will last three months - the schedule for the first season (Autumn Season 2017) looks like this:
Match week 1 05/08/2017
Match week 2 12/08/2017
Match week 3 19/08/2017
Match week 4 26/08/2017
Match week 5 02/09/2017
Match week 6 09/09/2017
Match week 7 16/09/2017
Match week 8 23/09/2017
Match week 9 30/09/2017
Match week 10 07/10/2017
Match week 11 14/10/2017
Playoffs and semi-finals 21/10/2017
Grand Final 28/10/2017

Then the Winter Season starts on 04/11/2017!

If you want to join up, post a comment here or on the Facebook thread. :slight_smile:

Sounds great, Ben! Sign me up, please.

We’ve got a great lineup of entrants already - here’s the current breakdown of divisions, but people can still move up and down the list if they improve their ML ranking before the deadline…

Sign me up too, please.

Seems that I am now the weakest participant on the list. You can probably look forward to some easy wins, dear div bros :^)

All levels are welcome! Thanks for joining - just so I’m sure, you’re also “Finwing” on Memory League, right? :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s right. Thanks.

I’m looking forward to the experience!

Yes please, sign me up too :slight_smile:

Welcome to the League!

Have you got a Facebook account or real name I can put in the blank space? It’s not compulsory. :slight_smile:

We now have 40 people signed up for the league! I don’t seem to be able to add a picture to this thread at the moment, but you can see it here if you’re on FB:

Hi may Name is Selim from Turkey I am 36 years old and I want to join to the online Memory League Championship.

Great! Welcome to the League! :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. A bugfix is in progress. :slight_smile:

Edit: uploading images should work again.

Thanks, Josh! Here are all the players signed up so far!


I would like to participate as well.

/Martin Nilsson

Welcome to the league! We’re now on 43 competitors:

Hi! My name is Hiro Kazu (ML NAME is hiro) , I’d like to participate the online Memory League Championship.

Welcome to the league! We now have 44 competitors - the cut-off point for registrations and rankings is 31 July.


My name is Roger Elimä
I would like to be signed up in this competition.


Welcome to the League, Roger! We now have 47 competitors signed up and ready to begin when the League starts next weekend!

With just under 24 hours to go before the cut-off point, we have 50 competitors, looking like this. There’s still time to join, or to improve your Memory League ranking and get up into a higher division!

Okay, the divisions are sorted, and we’re ready to start! There are five new threads in the forum, one for each division, showing the league table and match schedules! Let’s get ready to play!

Any general questions, post them here.

One thing - if anybody drops out, all matches they’ve already played will be cancelled. Drop-outs might be replaced by a new player, if there is a player of a suitable level who wants to join, but they will have to play all the others in the division, without inheriting points from the dropped-out player.