spoken numbers backwards

What is a good technique to memorize spoken numbers and repeat them backwards without knowing in advance the length of the sequence?

Have you tried a memory palace?

A better description of the task:
A series of 6 to 12 numbers is read aloud with varying speed and pitch. I have to recall it backwards as fast as possible.
Immediately after, a new sequence is read and so on.

I tried to associate a shape to each number (a digit system?) and place it in a memory palace.
But for me it gets very confusing for new sequences and also for the time I need to create the image and place it. Probably just matter of practice?
Is there a better way to avoid confusion between sequences?

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How many groups of 6-12 numbers are there?

There’s some information about that on the how to memorize numbers page.

Edit: I just realized that you might be talking about the Shaper System when you wrote “I tried to associate a shape to each number”. Is that the system you’re using?

If you want to practice rapidly memorizing numbers under pressure (compete live) check out Memory League. You could recall them backwards and it should still work.


The general aim is to keep going without making mistakes, one sequence after the other. So no pre-determined number of groups.

Yes, it is the Shaper System. Did not know the name…

Now I am experimenting with placing the numbers along the street I grew up in and start from the two ends in an alternate fashion. I find it a bit less confusing.
But still I am slow in associating the images to the numbers and place the images…

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That should get faster with practice.