Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs challenge

I was compiling different examples of subject pegs, or lists of people who have an order to them and didn’t find much about one of the great trivia questions of all time, the names of the seven dwarfs. Not even anything here on the forum. It’s time to change that.

The common mnemonic is 2 D’s, 2 S’s and three emotions. That’s lame. I think a better way would be to use a relevant phrase using the initial consonant of each of the dwarfs following the Major system consonant sound groupings.

Snow (2) White (2) (once 1) Cleaned Beautifully (2). (But now she’s married to the Prince.)

In other words, there are two S’s, two D/T’s, one G/K, and 2 B/P’s. I’d like to see if anyone else can come up with any other good mnemonics. Here’s the list of the dwarfs if you’d like to take me up on the challenge:

# Dwarf Description
020 Sneezy He has powerful sneezes from his hay fever capable of blowing even the heaviest of objects across a room.
059 Sleepy He is always tired and appears lethargic in most situations.
17 Doc The leader of the seven dwarfs who wears glasses and often mixes up his words.
19 Dopey The only dwarf who does not have a beard and is accident-prone. He does not speak and Happy explains that he has never tried.
749 Grumpy He has the biggest nose of the dwarfs and is frequently seen with one eye shut.
9 Happy The jovial dwarf and is usually portrayed laughing.
9685 Bashful He is very shy, kind-hearted, cute, has a rosy blushed face and a small shy smile.

The two first ideas that come to me are a mnemonic sentence and a story.

For the names, we have S S D D G H B
GHB to me is already an easy bit, being a drug we regularly see at events.
The first I come up with is Sally Sells Drugs, Definitly GHB.
A few repetitions will then let me have the names pretty easily.

As for a story…
A Doctor crawls out of bed, still sleepy. He makes his coffee but in his dopey state, he forgot to turn the machine on. He smells it and ends up with coffee in his nose, making him sneezy. When he eventually had his coffee, his grumpy mood changed to happy. When his wife said the coffee tasted great, he became a bit bashful.

Not the best ones probably, but they serve the purpose of showing how I would try it I guess!


Well, @Mayarra I think your story is the best so far. Thanks for playing!

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The story way is how it would do it, although my story would be far more nonsensical than yours

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Yesterday I woke up from a deep SLEEP
And started SNEEZING uncontrollably
It was so bad, I drove to the DOCtor.

You wont believe what HAPPened next.

He prescribed medicine that made me sick.
I became so DOPEY and GRUMPY
That I BASHed my car into a telephone pole.

I lay a coma for many years until one day a beautiful princess showed up and kissed me. Then I woke up, we got married and lived HAPPily ever after.


Oh come on @Niten, I’d love to have another weird story to work with!
I’m going to have a little fun with them in a little while.

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If you prefer a different approach:

Seven Silly DoDo’s with Goofy Baggy Hats

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Please help me, I’m out of control:

  1. Grumpy Monday
  2. Dentist appointment: Doc Tooth-day
  3. Bashful Wedding Day
  4. Dopey & Thirsty
  5. Happy Friday
  6. Sleepy Saturdayzzz
  7. Suh-suh-suh-neezy Sunday



@tarnation, this delights me! I’ll use this in the next fun part of the challenge.

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Well, here’s a little preview of where I’d like to end up with this challenge. I want to create the most compact, terse memory image that contains all of the dwarfs. @Mayarra used five different images in a story and @tarnation used six and seven. My goal is one memory image that has an association to each of the full dwarf names. It’s a good challenge I think and possible since I was able to create one already. If anyone would like to contribute a story with any number of visual images, it will help to make it more fun. I’ll wait a few more days before I work it out.


One image?


A shy bipolar doctor with serious allergies self-prescribes sleeping pills and gets addicted.


That’s one image for sure. I’m assuming bipolar is grumpy and happy but then Doc is also shy and sneezing. That’s almost cheating :wink: . Why couldn’t Doc be sleepy and dopey as well?

You’ve got the PAO (subject, action, item) of a good image there and enhanced the subject a lot. Can you only use one subject enhancement and use the other useful data type of a location (terrain in my SEA-IT acronym)? You can also enhance the action, the item and the location for extra “loci” in your image.

I have a fascination with your visualization imagination @tarnation.

Almost cheating? No problem. I’ll try harder. ;D

I think by the time I was done with him, he was. :smiley:

You’re tough.

Okay, I’ll give it a try, but you might have to guide me a bit.

Here’s what I came up with next. I hope you can be patient with my sense of the absurd:

(It’s a news item):

Complaint raised alleging late night emergency room staff laughingly refused to provide medication to virgin stoner demanding treatment for allergy to opposite sex.

It pleases me to here that someone is fascinated by my imagination. My family, friends and coworkers sure aren’t. :smiley:

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Not sure if I got the requirements correct.

Not even sure if anybody but me would agree my story (or headline) was a mnemonic. The clues are all there, but laid out in a very oblique way.

@tarnation, they’re supposed to be personal so that’s OK. Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy. Right? Those other people don’t know what they’re missing. Impress them with your knowledge of the dwarfs. Or maybe not.

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@tarnation, I’ll go ahead and do the next part with you. You seem to be ready for more!

I use five different data types (SEA-IT) for visualization in one memory image. Here’s the layout:

Subject Action Item Terrain
enhancement enhancement enhancement enhancement

So far the options for any of the dwarfs all combined so far that you and @Mayarra have come up with are:

doctor sleep, sneeze, bashed a car, happen, prescribes pills doctor -
happy, sleepy, dopey, grumpy, sneezy, allergic, bashful, shy, bipolar grumpily, for sneezing, for sleeping happy, sleepy, dopey, grumpy, sneezy, allergic, bashful, shy, bipolar -

You need one from almost each cell of that table to make a good image otherwise you’ll be doubling up enhancements, items or other things that weaken the image.

The conversion challenge

When a data type is converted to another data type it provides a way to create a better visual sentence in that it uses an association that makes a good visual sentence. In programming, the conversion of a value from one data type to another is called casting, but I prefer the word conversion for doing this. Programming also uses the word statement for a complete parsable “sentence.”

So much for theory. Here’s an example for one of the dwarfs:

Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore, a clown smile, jump up and down a little bright flowers, photos of good times or people, a favorite pet Disneyland (the happiest place on Earth)
holding a hockey stick as a golf club, wearing clown shoes, happily giggling happily, fresh and clean, nostalgic with people dancing down the Main Street.

Like you said, these are clues, and the stronger the association is to the original data type, the better.

The target here is Miller’s Law of Seven so that between five to nine pieces of data are combined into one visual sentence. With eight different types of data that could be combined, the task would be to find a unique combination of all seven so that it made narrative sense in one visual sentence.

The complete analysis for the best picture would mean that we do a full conversion into all of the data types for all of the dwarfs. But if you get the idea, you probably can work it out for what you need. I like having lots of options. I did Happy. Why don’t you pick another dwarf and do the conversion for him? But if you do Doc, you’ll have to do another one as well, because he’s pretty easy.

It takes a good imagination for this but I think you’ll do fine. If you have any questions, let me know.

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Is it supposed to just be one single sentence?

If so, I need more practice. Anyway, this is what I came up with this time::

The earth thumped rhythmically as the eight-metallic limbs carried the small body aloft up the side of the mountain—up, up to the high ledge where it ripped the huge oak doors off their hinges, leaving a gaping hole. The entrance to the mine was dark and seemed abandoned. Doc examined the situation closely, watching and listening patiently, until—ACHOO!!

“Gotcha!”, he cried with glee as one prehensile tentacle thrust into the void of the mineshaft, the violently yanked out his tiny former coworker. “Come out, come out”, he taunted, “Don’t be shy. I’m the bashful one”, as he smashed his unfortunate former friend against the mountainside wall, diamonds pouring out of his ruptured sack.

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Ah, yes, it would easily be put into one sentence after we’re done with this. But that’s why we’re doing the dwarf data type warm-up.

So I did Happy for you. Each cell represents some form of Happy, either as a subject, action, item, or terrain each with a happy enhancement that when you see it in your memory image, you know it’s Happy. But you only need one in your final image. But you have eight choices to use in your final image for all the dwarfs. If you use the terrain of Happy like I did in my final version, which is Disneyland, then the other dwarfs, can be represented by a subject, action, item or enhancements as you choose. I also chose to use Doc as my subject.

Here’s a full breakdown of Doc in data types for another example:

a doctor, a veterinarian prescribing medicine for, giving pills to a patient, a sick person hospital, clinic
wearing white with a stethoscope writing illegibly coughing, in a coma, bleeding, in pain white walls and tile floors, halogen lights

In my final image, I used the doctor from the subject for Doc and Disneyland from the terrain for Happy so he could be a clinic doctor taking care (temporary action) of Snow White (temporary item) at a storefront on Main Street. Now I just have to find good options for the other dwarfs from the remaining data types.

Which dwarf do you want to try next? Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful, or Sneezy?

I’ll try Dopey. In my younger days, dope referred to recreational drugs, but I played with that theme enough already. This time, I will stick with the traditional (uh, Disney) image where he seems a bit mentally backwards compared to his companions.

Subject: Dopey, backwards, childlike | baby-face, no beard, clumsy, awkward
Actions: Making silly mistakes | drops things, trips himself, bumps, gets bumped
Items: Objects, Companions| mishandles objects, mildly annoys companions
Location: in company of companions | Always out of step, or last in of a line
(Locations is mostly important relative to others, not to any specific setting)

[Aside: Looks like you know a way to make a table in the reply edit spacing How do you do that?]

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