Simple Node & Edge Drawing Software.?

Looking for something simple that allows me to wire together a number of nodes and drag the nodes around and reroute the wires w/o using a connection. Not a mind map, a graph. Much like a circuit bd design package?

Anything out there that doesn’t take 4 hours to learn, doesn’t force one to use a Mind Map or some such scheme, doesn’t cost money? The packages I’ve browsed through, by the time I’m done with setup, watching YT vids, figuring out their underlying ideas, … I’d done with a pencil before then. The math packages all seem to work from a table of node descriptions which is not what I need.


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If you know some JavaScript, MermaidJS can take you far.

If you don’t, Mermaid Playground’s an online ‘playground’ where you can create diagrams and downloads SVGs.


I’ll check that out. Thank you.

For desktop software, there are Dia and Inkscape.
For an online tool, check out

There are a few other ideas over in this thread: Mind map software-generated

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Thanks. I’ll give them a try.

I’m trying to avoid having to invest too much in learning another software package. I have three pounds of gray meat and box of colored pencils that are more than up to the job, but they are a bit lazy. is probably the simplest point-and-click tool (out of the ones I mentioned). Dia works offline. Inkscape is more complex but can be used for more complex output.

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I would recommend Yed

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