Questions about Photoreading

Is Photoreading real or fake ? If it does work, how can i get into it (without money)???

There are ways to increase reading speed, but according to NASA’s research [PDF], “there is no benefit to using the PhotoReading technique”.

There is more discussion on the photoreading mental photography, photoreading, mental photography video, and zox pro threads.

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What about the one used by Ramón Campayo ? He reads about 1200 words/min.
He calls it " Fotolectura" but it doesn’t seem to be the same thing that Paul Scheele teachs in his book.
Ramón talks about some kinda “mental video” in his book (which I haven’t finished yet) but in Campayo’s method you really have to read the book instead of “Photoread” it.

I’m not sure, but someone here may know.