Zox Pro

anybody tryed zox pro is it good can you actually read that fast?

No. You can’t. Don’t waste money.

This is a quote from the home page of zoxpro.com:

Achieve a MINIMUM SPEED of 25,000+ words per minute – over 100 times faster than the average level of reading. After all this time, we still haven’t found a top speed limit! Be able to ‘upload’ books into your long-term memory in a matter of minutes

Here’s where it says that it will give people 77% comprehension at 25,000+ words per minute with 100% retention for life:


In my opinion, those feats are impossible. See also this article:

Not only that, but there is something odd about the testimonials.

Here’s a screenshot of an endorsement from a guy named “Will Baker”:


Here is the same photo on another random website[1][2] about types of people you meet in college:


Here is the same photo giving an endorsement of a product called absoluteattraction[3], but this time his name is Jerome C.:


Here is the same guy in a baby blog[4]:


I found the same guy over on a blog post about portraits, which has the photo linked to a stock photo site called sxc.hu[5]:


The stock photo page was deleted, but a version is available on archive.org:


So it looks like zoxpro .com and/or absoluteattraction .net might be using a stock photo and fake name for at least one of the testimonials.

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Ok thanks for the money saver but if you havfe any other methods besides memorization skills that can improve youre grades please share it with me


hi bogdan…
plz stay away from zox-pro. its 100% bull-shit. that guy ed straucher is a big scamster…i have already tried zox-pro.
it made me look like a fool…

What is it, normal techniques, speed reading, or hypnosis? :wink:
Why should i buy something when i don’t know what it does?
it’s like going to the store, having the clerk say “hey, this product is amazing” then buying it.
What does it teach you to do?

ZoxPro? Watch this video about “mental photography”.

Webmaster’s note: There were two spam comments here posted by someone pretending to be two different zoxpro reviewers. The accounts have been removed. I’ve leaving the spam comments here for reference.

Zoxpro Spam:

Zox Pro is snake oil. It doesn’t work. I have tried it.

Sorry about the spam. I’ve deleted it. That appeared to be the same person who posted both comments from two different accounts.

Do you know a way that can achieve something like this, i mean maybe not 25k pero minute, but recall memorias por pages of the books?

Have you seen this page – How Do I Memorize a Book?

Unfortunately, “photographic memory” probably doesn’t exist:

I’m amazed that you found so many identical photographs.

I assume Josh used something like Google’s Reverse Image Search and wasn’t just browsing all those other websites. :grinning:


I’m not so sure about that.

@Josh posts more useful and interesting links than any other person on this planet.


I did a reverse image search by uploading the picture into Google Images. :slight_smile:

You can try it by going to images.google.com and clicking the camera. Paste this URL into the “Paste image URL” box.

It should return a list of over 150 webpages that contain that photo.


Thanks for the info.

When I tried it, I got a single hit on a “stock image” of the same guy.

I think even the stock image might have been removed in the last couple of minutes.

Strange, I’m still seeing the results here. Maybe it’s different by region.

Did you click the camera icon first?


Then this option:


Then I’m seeing a page like this, at least in the US:

I think you’re right. I can still only find one image (see screenshot).

Remember that recently Donsie told his pal, Vlad the Impaler, “Stop interfering with our scammers” (nudge, wink, smile). [I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Donsie smiling. Scary.]

Based on their previous Helsinki agreement, Vlad interpreted that statement to mean “Flood the US with scammers”.

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