Question: Creating a PAO list


I’m a totally new beginner. Yesterday I created a 100 item object list with the major system. My plan was to learn it first and create Person and Action later on.

Now I understand, that it will be hard to find a matching Person and Action for all these items. At least one that sticks in my head immediatly. In the long term this could mean, that it will be hard to learn and use a future PAO list.

I think it will be WAY easier to create a PAO list from scratch on. Because basically you “only” have to remember 100 person. Most Action and Objects are automatically remembered.
Okay. I get it. It is probably not as easy as I am going to present it. But it should be way better.

Do you think I should make a new list from scratch and use the major system on my Persons instead the Objects? I mean the first list was created really fast anyways. And I didn’t learned anything from it yet.

Is there an even better methode to create?
I think I could struggle to find 100 good persons with the major system (for me). But I think it will confuse too much to switch between different lists (Person, Action, Objects) with the major system, right?
(What I mean is: create a Person for most numbers. When I struggle with some, generate an object for those numbers and find a matching person. But this could be contraproductive for the learn effect of the major system?)

I also have a question regarding cards. I saw an list where someone used the same informstion for number and cards. He used the number 01-13 for diamonds. 20-33 for spades, 40-53 for heart and 60-73 for club (maybe with another connection. But you get the point).

I think this is very clever. So you have to learn 52 less images.
But is this a good methode? Or does it confuse your memory to much?

Thank you!

Oh wow this is hard to say! Your system will be backwards in a sense because you are starting with the Object and will have an OAP instead of a PAO. When using the major system or any system, you can always change some of the letters and sounds to something you find more fitting. I strongly recommend creating the PAO starting with the person so it fills everything out. But you can still use the objects you have for the people as well. I bet a lot of people can match up to the objects you have.

If the way the numbers relate to the cards makes sense to you, there is no problem at all. It is just one way to reuse your number images for your cards.


I started with the Person. Because Persons are interactive, and they can interact with objects.

After I memorized the person§s,the rest(AO) was very easy. I used my persons as hook/pegs to memorize the objects and actions…

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With my list, im using 00-99 using people. Then with my card, the ace of diamond is 01 etc. My hierarchy is diamonds then hearts then spades then clubs.

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Hi there.
I struggled with coming up with all those persons, but i had a working 2-digit major system going. So what i did was to ask for every item on the major list: is it an object or person? If it was an object, i found a person and action. And if it was a person, i found an action and object.

For me that was much quicker.

Now, when i see the number 19, i think first of tuba (o), and my friend (p) playing (a) the tuba.
And when i see my friend in an image, i think tuba - number 19.

For 22 - nun, i use the person as anchor for the number. I have about 7 persons as anchors for numbers, the rest are objects.

I never confuse those, i know that 22 is about the person - nun, and 19 is about the object 19. And with more practice i guess i wont even think about - number → object → person etc, but direct from number → person etc.

Have anyone else created their list this way?


You can tap my profile and read “Mnemonic architecture”, volume 1.
I don’t wanna sound arrogant, that’s why I set my learning progress as a private blog.

Indeed, You might search Erol, he is generous to show his system and method to you.

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