Premonition dream about never seen movie

A couple of years ago I had a rather strange dream. I was in an American football stadium and someone in the audiance telepathically communicated to me “we are being invaded by aliens”. Together with some other people that I didn’t know, I left the stadium. One of the persons that walked besides me kept asking “what do they want?”. I looked to the sky and I saw an airplane (not unusual as this is a recurring element in my science fiction like dreams). Moments later the airplane crashed with a big bang and I woke up with a “this is weird” feeling.

renting a movie

Two days later I went to the dvd renting place (shortly after all these rental places went bankrupt because of the internet) and I rented the movie “The fifth wave”. When I watched the movie I was amazed by how much this movie was like my dream:

  • alien invasion;
  • people becoming aware of the invasion in an american football stadium (not telepathically but by looking at their smart phones);
  • airplane falling from the sky (the aliens used an electric shockwave as means of attack);
  • constant question being asked: “what do they want?”.

The most down to earth explanation is obviously that I must have seen the movie trailer, but I have some problems with this explanation. I am really good at remembering trailers and I don’t remember having seen this trailer at all. And the part of the American footbal stadium scene wasn’t in the trailer. As a strange sidenote: some of the trailer parts are not even in the real movie.

My second explanation I thought of was, that possibly a new kind of telepathic marketing tool is being used, which could also explain why I imagined the telepatic communication in the American footbal stadium in my dream. Of course I googled to see if other people had dreamed about this movie, but I didn’t find anything.

I would like to know if some of you had a simular experience and perhaps if you could give a me a plausible explanation of mine.

Was there a stadium in The Fifth Wave? It looks like they were in a school.

I think I know another phenomenon, which is maybe like your description.

Sometimes I watch a movie (in my opinion the first time) for example and dont know anything about it.

But, then I see a key scene or maybe the end of the movie and it feels like I already knew the whole movie and watched it in the past.

And I dont know if I watched it, but it feels familiar.

Anybody who understands that feeling and maybe also know it?

The trailer is different from the actual movie; I’ve read several reviews in which that was also noted. I can’t find the reviews though. The only thing I can think of is that there are several edits of this movie and I watched the European one or something.

Last night I had the strangest dream. I sailed away to China in a little row boat to find ya and you said you had to get your laundry cleaned. Didn’t want no one to hold you.

What does that mean?

Joking aside, I think your rational explanation is probably the right one. As films of that genre tend to be, as the word ‘genre’ suggests, fairly formulaic and generic so you may not have seen the trailer for THAT film itself. Very often I will find myself watching something that I can’t possibly have seen before but can deja vue the next scene (sometimes the entire movie, if, as has happened more than once the film is a German remake of an English one or of a book I may have read decades ago and forgotten all about …as happened not so long ago with the film “The Foreigner” with Jackie Chan. The whole way through that film I was SURE I had seen it before and it was only when i googled after that I realised I had read the book back in the day.

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In an attempt to downplay the coincidences regarding the dream and movie, I have to admit that many of my dreams feel like being in a science fiction movie. Recurring elements in my dreams are:

  • time travel; usually by means of a 2 door elevator; each door opens a different temporal reality;
  • space travel; I have to get to a space plane (I know weird), but I never manage to get there in time;
  • a sky filled boats, airplanes and other transport devices;
  • finding a book that tells a story that is my actual dream.

Don’t get me started on my work/school mixup kind of dreams, those are the really weird ones.

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Hi Erik,

Premonitory dreams have nothing to do with memory training!

They have to do with subtle levels of awareness/consciousness while in the Dream State.

This is how, in the Tanakh, Gd spoke with Jacob in a dream.

In Tibetan Buddhist practice, Milam or Dream Yoga is taught.

You’d do well to investigate it.


I didn’t say that it did, but many forum members have testified that there memory training has had an effect on their dreams, so I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a possible connection.

They have to do with subtle levels of awareness/consciousness while in the Dream State

That sounds like a roundabout way of saying that I was dreaming; it doesn’t explain much in my view.

those are all things that can happen in an alien invasion movie…

I haven’t seen the 5th Wave but I have seen that dream you had ! No joke. Unfortunately, that’s Hollywood! Using the same recipe over and over and over and over again just like publicity, repeating and repeating and repeating. That generally has some nasty effect, just like rote memorizing (repetition till I become a donkey!) Has on me.

Thank God imagination and visual/space memory saved me from that !

If I could use the “Man in Black” memory wiper light I would use it to erase this movie from my brain; it was really bad (just my opinion).

When you hear hoof beats, guess horses not zebras.

Rather than postulate a previously undiscovered super power which kicks in once or twice a lifetime to give vague hints about a movie you haven’t yet seen, I suggest a plain coincidence, made all the more likely by the banality of the plot in both the dream and the movie. I mean no disrespect, dreams are often rather trite.


How dare you strip me of my super powers. Now I am normal like the rest. I gues I have to make my new memory system work for real to be special again.

Your are probably (still keeping an open mind) right.


You can buy the book “Dream Yoga” by my now deceased teacher Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

He discusses Dream Yoga and how to do it in a nuts n’ bolts style.

Stay cool,

I thank you for your advice, but I’m not convinced enough about the Yoga explanation of my (possible) premonition dream.

I can see from your studiousness about the topic that you’ve come to a fully informed conclusion.

One of Dream Yoga’s “side effects” is premonitory dreams…I know because I had one!

It’s not Hatha Yoga being taught in schools you see on your store corner either.