Please advise me to learn Java


I’m learning Java.

Guys, can you advise me which mnemonics are better to use to learn programming? Thanks

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Could you post a specific example of something you’re trying to learn? Programming involves many different things, and a lot of time has to be spend writing code.

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IMO learning a programming language is more effort and practice driven endeavor. It is like learning a skill where memory retention is not an issue. We learn concepts which are basics first and using those basic building blocks we learn advanced techniques. These basic concepts and advanced techniques are retained in memory by doing examples for the techniques.

I can see application of memory techniques to areas like retaining list of all 45 keywords in the Java language. Retaining the list of design patterns using in the programs etc. For learning programming language we really need writing example programs to understand the techniques and to internalize them.

If you have any specific questions in Java learning which are related to memory and retention you should ask in more details so those can be answered.

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It’s hard to answer that question without knowing your background. Are you an experienced developer or is this your first language? If it’s your first then the challenge is not the amount of material to memorize it’s concepts and technique. Knowing syntax is one thing but developing the habits of keeping your parens in order and troubleshooting when the compiler isn’t happy are skills that develop only through practice.