Memorize computer science books (theory)

(Marios Daskalas) #1

Hi, I would like to memorize material from computer science books with subjects such as Computer Systems where a short description is “Computer systems examines the underlying fundamentals of computer systems’ operations, including the number systems they use, how computer processors operate at a simple level and the relationship between different hardware components.”. Another subject is databases. Please provide me with some guidance or some books with that goal in mind. The depth that I want to reach in these materials need not be overly excessive but more of like to get the general idea on every paragraph.
Thank you for your time.

(Josh Cohen) #2

Is there a specific book you’re looking at? It would help to be able to see a sample chapter.

(Marios Daskalas) #3

@Josh The material is on my native language, Greek, so I found these books that I believe are most close with.

(ant) #4

After glancing through the sample pages wow computer science people have it cut out for them!

Most theories can be dumbed down into an image. One can then attach each aspect of the theory to the image.

It seems the hard part would be figuring out how theories relate but honestly in text heavy books like those I feel I would

  1. get a big picture view of the book first and learn the most important definitions at superficial face value.
  2. make a more thorough pass noting the nuances of each of the definitions
  3. attempt to conceive how all of these definitions are theories are related.

Always answer the recall questions in the back of the chapters also.

(ant) #5

After thinking I think this needs a few examples of how to turn bland theories into images. I know the names of some theories but honestly not much on the detail of them

theory of relativity - a picture of your relatives. (family picture in a frame)

in your book specifically

encapsulization- picture a medicine capsule, or time capsule, etc
abstractation= usually i picture a bunch of cubes (no idea why) or abstract art, then put the components of the theory around this central image.
modularization- i would picture a modular home and place the aspects of this theory inside of it.

Make sure to make these images PRIOR to memorizing what the theory is actually about. Once you have your central image you can go on to try to understand and focalize the high points of each theory. IMAGE first always!!!

(Marios Daskalas) #6

I was looking more of a systematic approach, like a book that was designed for the sole purpose of memorizing other books or something close to that.


Each vendor publishes architecture flow diagrams that could be memorized with you favorite journey. That would include processors, databases, kernel used by operating system (OS).