Pantheon: A great resource of people and bibliographical data for PAO systems

When creating a Person-Action-Object (PAO) system, sometimes a major issue is having the creativity and perseverance of coming up with a strong repository of names, pictures, and other related data to use.

While doing some research today on collective learning I came across a really well-curated and research-grade system called Pantheon with a wealth of all the sorts of data one could possibly want when creating a PAO.

Most importantly it’s a very visual system and set up, but it also includes data on gender, nationality, time period, and a variety of other axes, so you can custom build sections of your system with interesting levels of specificity and diversity.

Naturally if you’re memorizing dates and places for other reasons, there’s a great wealth of data and some useful visualizations hiding in here as well. I suspect that some may find it useful for work with names and faces too.


Thank you for sharing the link. The site is gonna help me a lot developing my alphabet PO system!

An alphabet PO? Please explain what you are doing with this!!

I use Alphabet peg list for everything!! I have ‘Single Alphabet Peg list’ and “Duel Alphabet Peg List”.

Please,see the attached “Duel Alphabet Peg List” images below…

Now,let’s say,I want to memorize a line that has the word Album

So,I take “AL” from the peg lists of “A” and “BU” from the peg list of “B”. AL is Abraham Lincoln(Person) in my A peg list. And “BU” is Button(Object) in my B peg list. Abraham Lincoln(Person) is doing something with the button(Object) becomes ‘Albu’! So,with ALBU(PO) image,I remember Album,just like in Dominic System!!

Or,let’s say,I want to remember a code like: AABD6097.

I will,like we do in Dominic System,convert AABD into Person(Amy Adams for AA) and Object(Bed for BD) and get them interact!

Or,let’s say,I want to memorize 20 points of a book…I will take a Person(Amy Adams) and get her do something with BA+my first point from the book. Then,AA+BB+my second point from the book. Then,AA+BC+third point from the book…This way,each letter combination becomes a ‘hook/peg’ for me. AA+BA, AA+BB, AA+BC…AB+BA,AB+BB,AB+BC,etc!

Or,let’s say,I want to memorize these three words together: Ball and Hand
So,I will use “Bryan Adams”(BA)+“Angry Bird”(AN)+Hand…Bryan Adams ( P) doing something with Angry bird(O) and his hand!

I memorized all 48 laws of the book “48 Laws of Power” using just one person and 48 objects from my “Duel Alphabet Peg List”. I didn’t need Memory Palace for this at all…Very easy to do!!

I also use my ‘Duel Alphabet Peg List’ with Memory Palace…I often use the “Persons” to interact with the ‘Objects’ in my Memory Palace!!

Or,let’s say,I want to store some ‘points’ from a video on Youtube. I use the “Objects” or the “Persons” from my peg list,and start to associate the points from the video with the Objects or Persons from my Alphabet Peg List…

I use both Memory Palace and my Alphabet Peg List…I can create thousands of different combinations/hooks/loci with the Alphabet Peg List of mine.


This is very interesting! Do you just have the two list and not the rest? CA-CZ, DA-DZ, and so on?

How did you memorize the 48 laws of power? I did that with using a palace but you just used one person!!

I didn’t/couldn’t complete my list. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to create such a huge(and complex) list!! Difficult to find objects…But it is a work in progress. And I add words to my Alphabet letters,whenever I get time(and motivated)…I have been able to complete the list till the letter “J”!!

Another thing is,I am not in a hurry to create the Duel letter peg words. Because the combination of all Persons and Object of all letters will give me around 456,976 LOCI…That is a huge number! I don’t think,I need that many loci in my lifetime!! :smiley:

You can check out this link for Duel Alphabet peg list:

I memorized using “One person” and “48 Objects” from my Duel Alphabet Peg List!!

Say,for example,I will take “Amy Adams” as “person” for “AA”. And then,I will take “AA battery” as “object” for “AA”. And then,I will get Amy Adams do something with the AA battery…Then,Amy Adams will do something with the Abaccus for AB…and so on…

The first rule of “48 laws of Power” is: “Never try to outshine your master”.

To memorize this rule,I took “Amy Adams”(AA) and Imagined her bowing in front of the “AA Battery”(AA),which is her master(the rule)!

The second rule of “48 laws of Power” is: “Don’t trust your friends too much”

To memorize this rule,I will imagine “Amy Adams”(AA) playing “Abaccus”(AB) with her friends(the rule)!

The third rule of “48 laws of Power” is: hide your true intention!

To memorize this rule,I will imagine “Amy Adams”(AA) hiding(the rule) her face inside an Aircooler(AC)…!



Very easy to recall once encoded! :wink:



I have a question.

How I can identify the word that written by you .

Example - BO = Box
BX = Boxer (how can I identify the correct Pair)

BU = Button
BT = Boot

BI = Biscuit (Bi Or BS)
BS = BUS (BU or BS) etc…


Wherever possible, I used “consonant+consonant” format for the object list! For example, for BX, I used “boxer”. I left the letter " O",as it is a vowel…

But then,there are words,that must have to have a vowel in them. For example, for BE, I used “bed”. I cannot omit the vowel in it. So,it is like " CVC" or “consonant+vowel+consonant” format…

Anyway, I tried to use “consonant+consonant” format for the object peg list as much as possible… But then, I also had use “consonant+vowel+consonant” format,too! Or,in certain situations,"vowel+consonant "!!!

However, this is only for the object list…

I didn’t use ‘c+c’ or ‘c+v+c’ or ‘v+c’ rule for the persons in my alphabet peg list. I just matched the first letter of the names with the alphabet… I did that intentionally so I can create two different formats for persons and objects…

That is a lot!! I can see why you haven’t created them all haha Do you think there is a way to cut it in half by using the a reverse image or something so TA and AT would be the same??

Ah that is really cool! I can see how that would be easy and allow you to jump around pretty easy :slightly_smiling_face:

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In the link below, I have discussed the simpler version of my “Alphabet PAO peg list”!!! :smiley:

Alphabet PAO System