Alphabet PAO System

Why posting….

Due to the interest of some of the forum members(here), I am posting about and sharing my “Alphabet PAO System” in a separate thread.

My reason for using the system(skip the lengthy passage if you want!)….

I needed a way to remember gibberish letters and convert the letters into a meaningful image(for my office works)! And I found that Alphabet PAO System works very well in remembering gibberish and meaningless letters!!!

My dayjob requires me to deal with random and gibberish letters everyday. We have around 300 U.S hospital names to deal with in our work of Medical Billing and Coding. Each hospital in our work is assigned an alpha-numeric code like this: ABTU69. We identify a hospital,its address,location,types,descriptions,services,etc by the code. Not only that,when we bill insurance companies,we have to assign standard codes using CPT,ICD-10,etc. And there are thousands of different CPT/ICD-10 codes for diseases of a patients! So,one is required to remember alpha-numeric codes that are meaningless in nature and cannot be transformed into ‘meaningful images’ as mnemonic.

Where to use the system……

So,I at first used this system for gibberish codes like the following:


Then,I also started to use the “Alphabet PAO System” with abstract words like “Amazing, Idea”,etc!

The system works in both cases…for gibberish letters and for abstract words!

How to….

It is easy to apply the system. It is like the PAO number systems.

Let’s,for example, take this gibberish code/letters and memorize it: DESPA

[P] - Dredd
[A] - Eating
[O] - Snake
[W] - Panjabi(asian dress)
[L] – Alley

Now,we create a ‘story’ with Dreed,Eating,Snake,Panjabi,Alley and put it in a Loci! Easy to remember! The damn gibberish code is under my control now! LOL…… :smiley:

Or,let’s take the word “Amazing” and remember it:

We don’t need to convert the whole word into images. We can take “Amzin”(or even Amz) and our brain will fill up the gap and understand that it is the word ‘Amazing’.

[P] – Anjelina Jolie
[A] - Moving
[O] - Zebra
[W] - Ice Skates
[L] - Nebula


The idea to use PAO(Person,Action,Other) for letters is not new. Great Mnemonist like Giordano Bruno seems to have used a modified version of PAO for letters!


I have taken help from other forum member’s list of Alphabet pegs to complete my list,especially the “Other” section(Person section is completely mine,however :stuck_out_tongue: ). Credit goes to them,especially to Mr. @Erol .


You can get the complete list of Alphabet PAO System from the following link!


Fantastic technique. Currently I do not have an immediate need for this method like you which you have mentioned, even then I believe this is a useful technique to be part of a learners toolbox.

In India we have PAN (Personal Account Numbers) which are something like a sequence of letters and numbers, I see potential usage of this method there for me to start with.

Thanks for sharing. I was happy to see the list of Indian Actors in the person column of your list, that information is readily coded in my brain just due to close association with Bollywood.


I am from Bangladesh(we used to be a part of India in past…right? :slight_smile: ),so it is natural for me to select Bollywood actors/actresses. After all,they are easier for me to remember! :smiley:

I use this type of technique for the following areas, too:

  • Memorizing main points of an article or a book(ie,all 48 laws of the book “48 Laws of Power” or the book “The Art of War”)
  • Remembering important events in my life(like Journal)
  • To do lists
  • Self improvement techniques
  • Video lectures
  • Programming
  • Learning softwares(being a techy type guy,I love playing with softwares!)

Alternatively, you could use you existing 00-99 PAO images or rather the 64 image binary digit subset and encode the information in Braille…


Thank you! I’ve downloaded it, and will edit it to my own way.

Thanks for giving me credit. Glad it was a useful part to your system.

It’s already given me some good ideas to put it into good use. Thanks.

Since there are 26 letters, It may even be used to memorise cards as a PA.