Online Memory League Championship - the new season!

(Ben Pridmore) #1

Hi, everybody! The highly successful “autumn season” of the online league is coming to a close (just got a few more rescheduled matches to take care of), so it’s time to ask - who would like to compete in the next one?

We hope to start before the end of November. The season will last for about three months, and you’ll be required to play a match (six games) against an opponent every week. Any questions, go ahead and ask them here, or just let me know you want to play! :slight_smile:


I’d like to join. (Kyle Matschke on Memory League). Thanks.

(Ben Pridmore) #3

We currently have 75 players taking part in the new season! 53 returning from the previous one, and 22 newcomers. If anybody else would like to take part, it’s not too late. But please let us know soon!

(Ben Pridmore) #4

We now have 88 people wanting to play in the next season, and there has been some debate over how to organise it - a lot of new entrants are highly ranked, and it would be more fun for everyone if the players in each division are at the same kind of level of ability.

There are two possibilities that could work - expanding the divisions to 16 players, or reducing them to 8-10 players and having them split into (for example) Division 2 West and Division 2 East; each one promoting the top players into division 1 next season.

(Ben Pridmore) #5

These are the 12 players in division 1:

This would be division 2 (with the possibility of another top-ranked player, Alex G, joining too)

This is division 3:

Here’s division 4:

And the rest, who could split into three fifth divisions of ten players each:

(Ben Pridmore) #6

Hi everybody, and I’m sorry for the delay in launching the new season. The attached picture shows the new structure of divisions - 94 players, fighting it out for promotion and relegation, and the overall league title! Everybody is matched against people at the same kind of level, so there should be a lot of fun and exciting contests to come.

(Ben Pridmore) #7

In the final league tables, the positions highlighted in green are promoted to the division above for next season, the ones in red are relegated. The orange-highlighted positions will have play-offs to decide who’s promoted or relegated.

Match week 1 starts right now! If you already know your opponent, see if you can get in touch with them and arrange a game. Otherwise, let me know and I’ll see if I can put you in touch; try the Art of Memory forum or the Facebook group “World Memory Championships”, or (when Simon has a chance to do it - I’m dropping this on him without warning!) it’ll be possible to leave messages for your opponent on the Memory League page itself.

In all these matches, the player listed first gets the first choice of discipline. It goes like this:
Player 1’s first choice
Player 2’s first choice
Player 1’s second choice
Player 2’s second choice
Player 1’s third choice
Player 2’s third choice

Remember, each player’s three choices must be three different disciplines. But if the two players both hate Names and Words, for example, the match might go Cards, Cards, Numbers, Numbers, Images, Images!

If the match ends 3:3, players have two choices - they can leave it as a draw, or (if they BOTH agree) they can choose any other discipline, and play a decider to make it 4:3.

(Ben Pridmore) #8

The Online Memory League Championship is a competition open to everybody. Competitors are divided into divisions of twelve to sixteen players - new players this season are put into divisions based on their leaderboard position, so you will be playing against people at the same kind of level as you.

In a season, each competitor will play each of the others in the division once, with one match per week, on a schedule drawn randomly at the start of the season. Players can be flexible about when they play their matches, depending on availability and circumstances, but should try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. You will need to communicate with your opponents - leave messages on the Memory League website, or the Art of Memory forum, or the Facebook group “World Memory Championships”. We can help you get in touch with people - just send me an email if you need help!

Matches will consist of six games - each player chooses three different disciplines, with the choice alternating. The first player on the scheduled match list chooses the first discipline; the schedule will be arranged so that each player gets a roughly equal distribution of ‘home’ and ‘away’ matches. Draws are possible, both in individual disciplines and in the match as a whole.

If the match is a 3:3 draw, the players can (if they both agree to it) play a one-game ‘decider’, which can be any discipline they choose. If they don’t both agree to play the decider, then the match is a draw.

The league table gives two points for a match won, one for a match drawn. Players on the same number of points are ranked by number of disciplines won.

At the end of the season, the bottom players (green highlights) in each division are related to the division below, and the top players (red highlights) in each division are promoted to the division above. There are play-offs between the amber-highlighted places in the upper division versus amber-highlighted places in the lower, to determine promotion and relegation.

The top four in the first division go into play-offs for the grand title. 1st versus 4th and 2nd versus 3rd, followed by a grand final to determine the League Champion!

Season last three months. We hope to get everything completed after 13 weeks, but it’s okay if there are some minor delays. Division 2 will try to fit all fifteen games into as short a time as possible! :slight_smile:

(Ben Pridmore) #9

Division 1 schedule:
Match week 1
Boris Konrad - Jan Zoń
Johannes Mallow - Marlo Knight
Simon Reinhard - Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk
Katie Kermode - Lance
Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Alex Mullen
Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh - nELSON
Match week 2
Marlo Knight - Boris Konrad
Jan Zoń - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
nELSON - Jan-Hendrik Büscher
Alex Mullen - Katie Kermode
Lance - Simon Reinhard
Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk - Johannes Mallow
Match week 3
Katie Kermode - nELSON
Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
Marlo Knight - Jan Zoń
Boris Konrad - Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk
Johannes Mallow - Lance
Simon Reinhard - Alex Mullen
Match week 4
nELSON - Boris Konrad
Alex Mullen - Marlo Knight
Lance - Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk
Jan Zoń - Katie Kermode
Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Simon Reinhard
Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh - Johannes Mallow
Match week 5
Marlo Knight - nELSON
Boris Konrad - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
Johannes Mallow - Jan-Hendrik Büscher
Simon Reinhard - Katie Kermode
Lance - Jan Zoń
Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk - Alex Mullen
Match week 6
Simon Reinhard - Boris Konrad
Katie Kermode - Marlo Knight
Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk
Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh - Lance
nELSON - Alex Mullen
Jan Zoń - Johannes Mallow
Match week 7
nELSON - Jan Zoń
Alex Mullen - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
Lance - Jan-Hendrik Büscher
Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk - Katie Kermode
Marlo Knight - Simon Reinhard
Boris Konrad - Johannes Mallow
Match week 8
Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk - Marlo Knight
Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Jan Zoń
Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh - Katie Kermode
nELSON - Simon Reinhard
Alex Mullen - Johannes Mallow
Lance - Boris Konrad
Match week 9
Simon Reinhard - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
Katie Kermode - Jan-Hendrik Büscher
Jan Zoń - Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk
Marlo Knight - Lance
Boris Konrad - Alex Mullen
Johannes Mallow - nELSON
Match week 10
Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh - Marlo Knight
nELSON - Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk
Alex Mullen - Lance
Simon Reinhard - Jan Zoń
Katie Kermode - Johannes Mallow
Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Boris Konrad
Match week 11
Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
Marlo Knight - Jan-Hendrik Büscher
Boris Konrad - Katie Kermode
Johannes Mallow - Simon Reinhard
Jan Zoń - Alex Mullen
Lance - nELSON

(Ben Pridmore) #10

Division 2 schedule:
Match week 1
Ola Kåre Risa - Christian Schäfer
John Graham - Lars Christiansen
Konstantin Skudler - Ben Pridmore
Alex G - yanjaa
Kevin Schulz - Silvio
Clay Knight - Egor Dubrovin
SiewChung - 叶博
Sylvain Estadieu - Lahcen Oulhadj
Match week 2
Lars Christiansen - Konstantin Skudler
Kevin Schulz - Ola Kåre Risa
yanjaa - John Graham
Ben Pridmore - Christian Schäfer
Egor Dubrovin - Alex G
Silvio - SiewChung
Lahcen Oulhadj - Clay Knight
叶博 - Sylvain Estadieu
Match week 3
Christian Schäfer - Kevin Schulz
Konstantin Skudler - yanjaa
Ola Kåre Risa - SiewChung
John Graham - Egor Dubrovin
Lars Christiansen - Ben Pridmore
Alex G - Lahcen Oulhadj
Sylvain Estadieu - Silvio
Clay Knight - 叶博
Match week 4
yanjaa - Lars Christiansen
SiewChung - Christian Schäfer
Egor Dubrovin - Konstantin Skudler
Sylvain Estadieu - Ola Kåre Risa
Lahcen Oulhadj - John Graham
Ben Pridmore - Kevin Schulz
叶博 - Alex G
Silvio - Clay Knight
Match week 5
Kevin Schulz - SiewChung
Lars Christiansen - Egor Dubrovin
Christian Schäfer - Sylvain Estadieu
Konstantin Skudler - Lahcen Oulhadj
Ola Kåre Risa - Clay Knight
John Graham - 叶博
yanjaa - Ben Pridmore
Alex G - Silvio
Match week 6
Egor Dubrovin - yanjaa
Sylvain Estadieu - Kevin Schulz
Lahcen Oulhadj - Lars Christiansen
Clay Knight - Christian Schäfer
叶博 - Konstantin Skudler
Alex G - Ola Kåre Risa
Silvio - John Graham
Ben Pridmore - SiewChung
Match week 7
SiewChung - Sylvain Estadieu
yanjaa - Lahcen Oulhadj
Kevin Schulz - Clay Knight
Lars Christiansen - 叶博
Christian Schäfer - Alex G
Konstantin Skudler - Silvio
Ola Kåre Risa - John Graham
Egor Dubrovin - Ben Pridmore
Match week 8
Lahcen Oulhadj - Egor Dubrovin
Clay Knight - SiewChung
叶博 - yanjaa
Alex G - Kevin Schulz
Silvio - Lars Christiansen
John Graham - Christian Schäfer
Ben Pridmore - Sylvain Estadieu
Konstantin Skudler - Ola Kåre Risa
Match week 9
Sylvain Estadieu - Clay Knight
Egor Dubrovin - 叶博
SiewChung - Alex G
yanjaa - Silvio
Kevin Schulz - John Graham
Lahcen Oulhadj - Ben Pridmore
Christian Schäfer - Konstantin Skudler
Ola Kåre Risa - Lars Christiansen
Match week 10
叶博 - Lahcen Oulhadj
Alex G - Sylvain Estadieu
Silvio - Egor Dubrovin
John Graham - SiewChung
Ben Pridmore - Clay Knight
Konstantin Skudler - Kevin Schulz
yanjaa - Ola Kåre Risa
Lars Christiansen - Christian Schäfer
Match week 11
Clay Knight - Alex G
Lahcen Oulhadj - Silvio
Sylvain Estadieu - John Graham
叶博 - Ben Pridmore
SiewChung - Konstantin Skudler
Ola Kåre Risa - Egor Dubrovin
Kevin Schulz - Lars Christiansen
Christian Schäfer - yanjaa
Match week 12
Silvio - 叶博
John Graham - Clay Knight
Ben Pridmore - Alex G
Konstantin Skudler - Sylvain Estadieu
Lahcen Oulhadj - Ola Kåre Risa
Lars Christiansen - SiewChung
Egor Dubrovin - Christian Schäfer
yanjaa - Kevin Schulz
Match week 13
Alex G - John Graham
Silvio - Ben Pridmore
Clay Knight - Konstantin Skudler
Ola Kåre Risa - 叶博
Sylvain Estadieu - Lars Christiansen
Christian Schäfer - Lahcen Oulhadj
SiewChung - yanjaa
Kevin Schulz - Egor Dubrovin
Match week 14
Ben Pridmore - John Graham
Konstantin Skudler - Alex G
Silvio - Ola Kåre Risa
Lars Christiansen - Clay Knight
叶博 - Christian Schäfer
yanjaa - Sylvain Estadieu
Lahcen Oulhadj - Kevin Schulz
Egor Dubrovin - SiewChung
Match week 15
John Graham - Konstantin Skudler
Ola Kåre Risa - Ben Pridmore
Alex G - Lars Christiansen
Christian Schäfer - Silvio
Clay Knight - yanjaa
Kevin Schulz - 叶博
Sylvain Estadieu - Egor Dubrovin
SiewChung - Lahcen Oulhadj

(Ben Pridmore) #11

Division 3 schedule:
Match week 1
Andrej Savickij - Tobiasz Boral
Sebastien - BurningDesire
Sanchit Sharma - Nicety
Tracy Miller - Bartłomiej Boral
Corinna Draschl - Silvio B.
Francis Blondin - lawranceliew
Daniel Evans - Nikolay Ershov
Match week 2
BurningDesire - Sanchit Sharma
Corinna Draschl - Andrej Savickij
Bartłomiej Boral - Sebastien
Nicety - Tobiasz Boral
lawranceliew - Tracy Miller
Silvio B. - Daniel Evans
Nikolay Ershov - Francis Blondin
Match week 3
Tobiasz Boral - Corinna Draschl
Sanchit Sharma - Bartłomiej Boral
Andrej Savickij - Daniel Evans
Sebastien - lawranceliew
BurningDesire - Nicety
Tracy Miller - Nikolay Ershov
Francis Blondin - Silvio B.
Match week 4
Bartłomiej Boral - BurningDesire
Daniel Evans - Tobiasz Boral
lawranceliew - Sanchit Sharma
Francis Blondin - Andrej Savickij
Nikolay Ershov - Sebastien
Nicety - Corinna Draschl
Silvio B. - Tracy Miller
Match week 5
Corinna Draschl - Daniel Evans
BurningDesire - lawranceliew
Tobiasz Boral - Francis Blondin
Sanchit Sharma - Nikolay Ershov
Andrej Savickij - Tracy Miller
Sebastien - Silvio B.
Bartłomiej Boral - Nicety
Match week 6
lawranceliew - Bartłomiej Boral
Francis Blondin - Corinna Draschl
Nikolay Ershov - BurningDesire
Tracy Miller - Tobiasz Boral
Silvio B. - Sanchit Sharma
Sebastien - Andrej Savickij
Nicety - Daniel Evans
Match week 7
Daniel Evans - Francis Blondin
Bartłomiej Boral - Nikolay Ershov
Corinna Draschl - Tracy Miller
BurningDesire - Silvio B.
Tobiasz Boral - Sebastien
lawranceliew - Nicety
Andrej Savickij - Sanchit Sharma
Match week 8
Nikolay Ershov - lawranceliew
Tracy Miller - Daniel Evans
Silvio B. - Bartłomiej Boral
Sebastien - Corinna Draschl
Nicety - Francis Blondin
Sanchit Sharma - Tobiasz Boral
BurningDesire - Andrej Savickij
Match week 9
Francis Blondin - Tracy Miller
lawranceliew - Silvio B.
Daniel Evans - Sebastien
Nikolay Ershov - Nicety
Corinna Draschl - Sanchit Sharma
Andrej Savickij - Bartłomiej Boral
Tobiasz Boral - BurningDesire
Match week 10
Silvio B. - Nikolay Ershov
Sebastien - Francis Blondin
Nicety - Tracy Miller
Sanchit Sharma - Daniel Evans
lawranceliew - Andrej Savickij
BurningDesire - Corinna Draschl
Bartłomiej Boral - Tobiasz Boral
Match week 11
Tracy Miller - Sebastien
Silvio B. - Nicety
Francis Blondin - Sanchit Sharma
Andrej Savickij - Nikolay Ershov
Daniel Evans - BurningDesire
Tobiasz Boral - lawranceliew
Corinna Draschl - Bartłomiej Boral
Match week 12
Nicety - Sebastien
Sanchit Sharma - Tracy Miller
Silvio B. - Andrej Savickij
BurningDesire - Francis Blondin
Nikolay Ershov - Tobiasz Boral
Bartłomiej Boral - Daniel Evans
lawranceliew - Corinna Draschl
Match week 13
Sebastien - Sanchit Sharma
Andrej Savickij - Nicety
Tracy Miller - BurningDesire
Tobiasz Boral - Silvio B.
Francis Blondin - Bartłomiej Boral
Corinna Draschl - Nikolay Ershov
Daniel Evans - lawranceliew

(Ben Pridmore) #12

Division 4a schedule:
Simon Orton - Martin Nilsson
mohamed ramadan - aleksgri07
Wednesday - Frank Grube
hiro - Paweł Milczarek
Finwing - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Darren - Brainrunning
Match week 2
aleksgri07 - Simon Orton
Martin Nilsson - Darren
Brainrunning - Finwing
Guillaume Petit-Jean - hiro
Paweł Milczarek - Wednesday
Frank Grube - mohamed ramadan
Match week 3
hiro - Brainrunning
Finwing - Darren
aleksgri07 - Martin Nilsson
Simon Orton - Frank Grube
mohamed ramadan - Paweł Milczarek
Wednesday - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Match week 4
Brainrunning - Simon Orton
Guillaume Petit-Jean - aleksgri07
Paweł Milczarek - Frank Grube
Martin Nilsson - hiro
Finwing - Wednesday
Darren - mohamed ramadan
Match week 5
aleksgri07 - Brainrunning
Simon Orton - Darren
mohamed ramadan - Finwing
Wednesday - hiro
Paweł Milczarek - Martin Nilsson
Frank Grube - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Match week 6
Wednesday - Simon Orton
hiro - aleksgri07
Finwing - Frank Grube
Darren - Paweł Milczarek
Brainrunning - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Martin Nilsson - mohamed ramadan
Match week 7
Brainrunning - Martin Nilsson
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Darren
Paweł Milczarek - Finwing
Frank Grube - hiro
aleksgri07 - Wednesday
Simon Orton - mohamed ramadan
Match week 8
Frank Grube - aleksgri07
Finwing - Martin Nilsson
Darren - hiro
Brainrunning - Wednesday
Guillaume Petit-Jean - mohamed ramadan
Paweł Milczarek - Simon Orton
Match week 9
Wednesday - Darren
hiro - Finwing
Martin Nilsson - Frank Grube
aleksgri07 - Paweł Milczarek
Simon Orton - Guillaume Petit-Jean
mohamed ramadan - Brainrunning
Match week 10
Darren - aleksgri07
Brainrunning - Frank Grube
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Paweł Milczarek
Wednesday - Martin Nilsson
hiro - mohamed ramadan
Finwing - Simon Orton
Match week 11
Frank Grube - Darren
aleksgri07 - Finwing
Simon Orton - hiro
mohamed ramadan - Wednesday
Martin Nilsson - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Paweł Milczarek - Brainrunning

(Ben Pridmore) #13

Division 4b schedule:
Match week 1
Selim AYDIN - Kamil Przybylski
Nasser Aziri - Javier Moreno
Braden Adams - 朱浩楠
Florian Minges - Anna Chen
Yip Zhong Jie - Evelyn
Jonathan Wright - old mAn
Match week 2
Javier Moreno - Selim AYDIN
Kamil Przybylski - Jonathan Wright
old mAn - Yip Zhong Jie
Evelyn - Florian Minges
Anna Chen - Braden Adams
朱浩楠 - Nasser Aziri
Match week 3
Florian Minges - old mAn
Yip Zhong Jie - Jonathan Wright
Javier Moreno - Kamil Przybylski
Selim AYDIN - 朱浩楠
Nasser Aziri - Anna Chen
Braden Adams - Evelyn
Match week 4
old mAn - Selim AYDIN
Evelyn - Javier Moreno
Anna Chen - 朱浩楠
Kamil Przybylski - Florian Minges
Yip Zhong Jie - Braden Adams
Jonathan Wright - Nasser Aziri
Match week 5
Javier Moreno - old mAn
Selim AYDIN - Jonathan Wright
Nasser Aziri - Yip Zhong Jie
Braden Adams - Florian Minges
Anna Chen - Kamil Przybylski
朱浩楠 - Evelyn
Match week 6
Braden Adams - Selim AYDIN
Florian Minges - Javier Moreno
Yip Zhong Jie - 朱浩楠
Jonathan Wright - Anna Chen
old mAn - Evelyn
Kamil Przybylski - Nasser Aziri
Match week 7
old mAn - Kamil Przybylski
Evelyn - Jonathan Wright
Anna Chen - Yip Zhong Jie
朱浩楠 - Florian Minges
Javier Moreno - Braden Adams
Selim AYDIN - Nasser Aziri
Match week 8
朱浩楠 - Javier Moreno
Yip Zhong Jie - Kamil Przybylski
Jonathan Wright - Florian Minges
old mAn - Braden Adams
Evelyn - Nasser Aziri
Anna Chen - Selim AYDIN
Match week 9
Braden Adams - Jonathan Wright
Florian Minges - Yip Zhong Jie
Kamil Przybylski - 朱浩楠
Javier Moreno - Anna Chen
Selim AYDIN - Evelyn
Nasser Aziri - old mAn
Match week 10
Jonathan Wright - Javier Moreno
old mAn - 朱浩楠
Evelyn - Anna Chen
Braden Adams - Kamil Przybylski
Florian Minges - Nasser Aziri
Yip Zhong Jie - Selim AYDIN
Match week 11
朱浩楠 - Jonathan Wright
Javier Moreno - Yip Zhong Jie
Selim AYDIN - Florian Minges
Nasser Aziri - Braden Adams
Kamil Przybylski - Evelyn
Anna Chen - old mAn

(Ben Pridmore) #14

Division 5a schedule:
Match week 1
crystal le - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
Chevroy Lindo - ClaireBookworm
Wasswa Da-great Regacy - ong w.x.
Ben Myers - etan
Robert M - A Kowalska
Road to kim peek - Roger Elimä
Marius Ihlar - p.pietrzycka
Match week 2
ClaireBookworm - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
Robert M - crystal le
etan - Chevroy Lindo
ong w.x. - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
Roger Elimä - Ben Myers
A Kowalska - Marius Ihlar
p.pietrzycka - Road to kim peek
Match week 3
Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi - Robert M
Wasswa Da-great Regacy - etan
crystal le - Marius Ihlar
Chevroy Lindo - Roger Elimä
ClaireBookworm - ong w.x.
Ben Myers - p.pietrzycka
Road to kim peek - A Kowalska
Match week 4
etan - ClaireBookworm
Marius Ihlar - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
Roger Elimä - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
Road to kim peek - crystal le
p.pietrzycka - Chevroy Lindo
ong w.x. - Robert M
A Kowalska - Ben Myers
Match week 5
Robert M - Marius Ihlar
ClaireBookworm - Roger Elimä
Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi - Road to kim peek
Wasswa Da-great Regacy - p.pietrzycka
crystal le - Ben Myers
Chevroy Lindo - A Kowalska
etan - ong w.x.
Match week 6
Roger Elimä - etan
Road to kim peek - Robert M
p.pietrzycka - ClaireBookworm
Ben Myers - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
A Kowalska - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
Chevroy Lindo - crystal le
ong w.x. - Marius Ihlar
Match week 7
Marius Ihlar - Road to kim peek
etan - p.pietrzycka
Robert M - Ben Myers
ClaireBookworm - A Kowalska
Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi - Chevroy Lindo
Roger Elimä - ong w.x.
crystal le - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
Match week 8
p.pietrzycka - Roger Elimä
Ben Myers - Marius Ihlar
A Kowalska - etan
Chevroy Lindo - Robert M
ong w.x. - Road to kim peek
Wasswa Da-great Regacy - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
ClaireBookworm - crystal le
Match week 9
Road to kim peek - Ben Myers
Roger Elimä - A Kowalska
Marius Ihlar - Chevroy Lindo
p.pietrzycka - ong w.x.
Robert M - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
crystal le - etan
Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi - ClaireBookworm
Match week 10
A Kowalska - p.pietrzycka
Chevroy Lindo - Road to kim peek
ong w.x. - Ben Myers
Wasswa Da-great Regacy - Marius Ihlar
Roger Elimä - crystal le
ClaireBookworm - Robert M
etan - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
Match week 11
Ben Myers - Chevroy Lindo
A Kowalska - ong w.x.
Road to kim peek - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
crystal le - p.pietrzycka
Marius Ihlar - ClaireBookworm
Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi - Roger Elimä
Robert M - etan
Match week 12
ong w.x. - Chevroy Lindo
Wasswa Da-great Regacy - Ben Myers
A Kowalska - crystal le
ClaireBookworm - Road to kim peek
p.pietrzycka - Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi
etan - Marius Ihlar
Roger Elimä - Robert M
Match week 13
Chevroy Lindo - Wasswa Da-great Regacy
crystal le - ong w.x.
Ben Myers - ClaireBookworm
Mir Ahmad (Jahish) Mahmoodi - A Kowalska
Road to kim peek - etan
Robert M - p.pietrzycka
Marius Ihlar - Roger Elimä

(Ben Pridmore) #15

Division 5b schedule:
Match week 1
saladgoddess - matkow
Kyle Matschke - pierre.bruzi
Mariette - Adrian Dębski
Fadi - pola.lastowiecka
Minnet - Chris Forde
Kangkan Bora - Issa Almgadmi Kurapika
Davide Carosini - Agata Głowacka
Match week 2
pierre.bruzi - Mariette
Minnet - saladgoddess
pola.lastowiecka - Kyle Matschke
Adrian Dębski - matkow
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - Fadi
Chris Forde - Davide Carosini
Agata Głowacka - Kangkan Bora
Match week 3
matkow - Minnet
Mariette - pola.lastowiecka
saladgoddess - Davide Carosini
Kyle Matschke - Issa Almgadmi Kurapika
pierre.bruzi - Adrian Dębski
Fadi - Agata Głowacka
Kangkan Bora - Chris Forde
Match week 4
pola.lastowiecka - pierre.bruzi
Davide Carosini - matkow
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - Mariette
Kangkan Bora - saladgoddess
Agata Głowacka - Kyle Matschke
Adrian Dębski - Minnet
Chris Forde - Fadi
Match week 5
Minnet - Davide Carosini
pierre.bruzi - Issa Almgadmi Kurapika
matkow - Kangkan Bora
Mariette - Agata Głowacka
saladgoddess - Fadi
Kyle Matschke - Chris Forde
pola.lastowiecka - Adrian Dębski
Match week 6
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - pola.lastowiecka
Kangkan Bora - Minnet
Agata Głowacka - pierre.bruzi
Fadi - matkow
Chris Forde - Mariette
Kyle Matschke - saladgoddess
Adrian Dębski - Davide Carosini
Match week 7
Davide Carosini - Kangkan Bora
pola.lastowiecka - Agata Głowacka
Minnet - Fadi
pierre.bruzi - Chris Forde
matkow - Kyle Matschke
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - Adrian Dębski
saladgoddess - Mariette
Match week 8
Agata Głowacka - Issa Almgadmi Kurapika
Fadi - Davide Carosini
Chris Forde - pola.lastowiecka
Kyle Matschke - Minnet
Adrian Dębski - Kangkan Bora
Mariette - matkow
pierre.bruzi - saladgoddess
Match week 9
Kangkan Bora - Fadi
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - Chris Forde
Davide Carosini - Kyle Matschke
Agata Głowacka - Adrian Dębski
Minnet - Mariette
saladgoddess - pola.lastowiecka
matkow - pierre.bruzi
Match week 10
Chris Forde - Agata Głowacka
Kyle Matschke - Kangkan Bora
Adrian Dębski - Fadi
Mariette - Davide Carosini
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - saladgoddess
pierre.bruzi - Minnet
pola.lastowiecka - matkow
Match week 11
Fadi - Kyle Matschke
Chris Forde - Adrian Dębski
Kangkan Bora - Mariette
saladgoddess - Agata Głowacka
Davide Carosini - pierre.bruzi
matkow - Issa Almgadmi Kurapika
Minnet - pola.lastowiecka
Match week 12
Adrian Dębski - Kyle Matschke
Mariette - Fadi
Chris Forde - saladgoddess
pierre.bruzi - Kangkan Bora
Agata Głowacka - matkow
pola.lastowiecka - Davide Carosini
Issa Almgadmi Kurapika - Minnet
Match week 13
Kyle Matschke - Mariette
saladgoddess - Adrian Dębski
Fadi - pierre.bruzi
matkow - Chris Forde
Kangkan Bora - pola.lastowiecka
Minnet - Agata Głowacka
Davide Carosini - Issa Almgadmi Kurapika

(Simon Orton) #16

Thanks Ben! Organising that must have been a huge amount of work.

The new season is now available on the League page:!/league/season2/division1/standings


Hi Darren,

when can we play?
Monday or tuesday evening would be fine for me.
Every other day exept monday and tuesday in the morning would be ok.

Juergen (Brainrunning)

(Ben Pridmore) #18

Great stuff, Simon! Thanks!



I’m confused. The schedule in this thread shows me (Kyle Matschke) going against pierre.bruzi for Week 1, but on memoryleague it shows I’m against Davide Carosini in Week 1. I already contacted Pierre and set up a time. It looks like all other weeks match what is on this thread. I have a feeling memoryleague is incorrect because I would end up playing against Davide twice and Pierre zero times.

Also, will there be separate threads set up for each division? Right now, when I click the link for “Division 5b Discussion” it takes me to this thread.


(Simon Orton) #20

Sorry Kyle, I accidentally copied the week 9 schedule onto the page for week 1 for your division (5b). It’s fixed now.

I’ll create a separate thread for each division now.