Online Memory League Championship, season 4!

(David Shoup) #22

I’d like to join this and give it a try! Thank you for taking the time to organize this.

David Shoup


If it’s still possible, I’d like to sign up, too, please. I’ve been very lazy these past few months. Hopefully this will get me started again!


Hi @Zoomy, please add me if this is still available.

My memory league user name is Dimi

Thank you.


(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #26

Will there be a notice in this thread (or elsewhere in the forum) when it starts?


Simon Orton, maybe it would be helpful if the rules of the league could be on the ML page itself as well, starting from this new season. I think that would be more convenient.

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #28

I have changed my display name over at the Memory League to “selmo’i cu se nintadni” (I added the spaces). I assume my username is still the same, so it shouldn’t change anything, but I thought I should mention it here.


Add me please
Memory League - Livan Grijalva
Facebook - Livan Grijalva


I’d like to join this season if its not too late to sign up.
My ML is Jonathan Wright
artofmemory is: jwrig8


I would like to join.


I want to join. my username is mangocthang

(Derek Rothholz) #33

I would like to join!

(Ben Pridmore) #34

Hi, everyone! We now have 78 players signed up! This is how they would break down into divisions:

Division 1

AOM name ML name Facebook name Rank
@AlexM Alex Mullen Alex Mullen 1
@ Yanjaa Yanjaa 2
@Johnnyworldwide John Graham John Graham 3
@SR1 Simon Reinhard Simon Reinhard 4
@Hannes Johannes Mallow Johannes Mallow 9
@Philodoof Kevin Schulz Kevin Schulz 10
@ Jan-Hendrik Büscher Jan-Hendrik Büscher 14
@ Alex G Alexander Goryachev 16
@Sylle Sylvain Estadieu Sylle Arvidieu 21
@LociInTheSky Lance 34

Division 2

AOM name ML name Facebook name Rank
@JanZon Jan Zoń Jan Zon 7
@Shasan Sanchit Sharma Sanchit Sharma 8
@SilvioB Silvio B. 11
@laCorii Corinna Draschl Corinna Draschl 12
@Konsti Konstantin Skudler Konsti Skudler 22
@ Marlo Knight Marlo Knight 25
@EgorDubrovin Egor Dubrovin Egor Dubrovin 26
@ Silvio Silvio di Fabio 30
@shijir-erdene Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh 36
@ClayKnight Clay Knight Clay Knight 46
@Zoomy Ben Pridmore Ben Pridmore 47
@011u1 011u1 5
@byambatsogt Byambatsogt Byambadorj Б. Бямбацогт 6

Division 3

AOM name ML name Facebook name Rank
@ Daniel Evans Daniel Evans 15
@ Andrej Savickij Андрей Савицкий 18
@ Nikolay Ershov Nikolay Ershov 19
@mohamed22 Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ramadan 20
@mrburt Martin Nilsson Martin Nilsson 23
@guillaumepetitjean Guillaume Petit-Jean Guillaume Petit-Jean 27
@ Max Maxi Di 35
@ Tobiasz Boral Tobiasz Boral 38
@Nicety Anastasia Woolmer Anastasia Woolmer 42
@IvanMiletic Ivan Miletic 13
@Grzegorz Grzegorz 28
@VagabondArtist Vagabond Omkar Vagabond 29

Division 4

AOM name ML name Facebook name Rank
@jwrig8 Jonathan Wright 24
@Erol Erol Ozvatan Erol Ozvatan 31
@MemoryMasterN :fire:BurningDesire​:fire: Niklas Hendrik 32 Davide Carosini Davide Carosini 33
@Brainrunning Brainrunning Jürgen Petersen 37
@ Fabian Fabian Saal 39
@Simon Simon Orton 44
@Finwing Finwing 48
@chrisforde Chris Forde Chris Forde 52
@aemind Luis Angel Luis Angel 54
@ 郑宏坚 郑宏坚 #N/A
@FrankGrube Frank Grube Frank Grube 45
@Thyroxine101 Thyroxine101 49
@ pierre.bruzi Pierre Bruzi 50
@varo82 Roberto Valloggia Roberto Valloggia 51
@Memory_Magician Livan Grijalva 40
@guilfoyled guilfoyled 41
@Honje Honje Watanabe 43
@Tomas31200 Tomas Derville Tomas Derville 53
@ Edric Liew Edric Liew 17

Division 5

AOM name ML name Facebook name Rank
@Orxan Orkhan Ibadov Orkhan Ibad 57
@ Ian Fennell Ian Fennell 60
@QuaraMan quaraman Sven Wetzel #N/A
@matkow matkow Mateusz Kowalczyk #N/A
@Ignacy Ignacy 55
@faithdydx faith_dydx 56
@ saksuuk Awliyo Scnf 58
@EgorSpinu Egor Spinu Egor Spinu 59
@JamesW JamesW 61
@myelife Dimi 62
@rzaytsev r.zayt 63
@mangocthang1 mangocthang 64
@Caterina caterinawang08 65
@selmoicusenintadni selmo’i cu se nintadni 66
@sahildavda Sahil Davda Sahil Davda 67
@DavidShoup davidshoup1071 69
@ Gordon Cowell Gordon Cowell #N/A
@ Majdedeen Majdedeen Abugseaa #N/A
@ T Tenuun T Tenuun #N/A
@sdaczi sdaczi #N/A
@anik anik #N/A
@Bdubb Bdubb #N/A
@Gaia Derek Rothholz 68

Anyone with “#N/A” in the ‘rank’ column, that means I can’t find you on the leaderboard - could you confirm what your Memory League name is?

If we start on December 1st, does that give everyone time to prepare?

(wow, this new forum is clever! It auto-formatted each list into a table with a header, even though I didn’t ask it to… :slight_smile:)


Ben, you can add Philodoof as my Art of Memory-Name. I’m Kevin.

(Ivan Miletic) #36

December 1st sounds fine


December 1st sounds good to me. Thanks for setting this up. I look forward to being thrashed senseless in every discipline in due course. :slight_smile: (But will practise hard in the meantime.)

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #38

Same here. I’m going to have to take a zero (well, close to it) on numbers and cards, and I’m still a complete beginner in the other three events.

(Derek Rothholz) #39

ML name: gaia.the.creator
I think this is what you meant? I am sorry this is my first time.

(Ben Pridmore) #40

Thanks, Gaia - yes, that’s all I needed, just to be sure what your username on ML is.

(Simon Orton) #41

Good idea - that’s done now.


Awesome! Thank you very much, Simon! :slight_smile: