Online Memory League Championship, season 4!

(Ben Pridmore) #1

It’s time to sign up for the new season of the Online Memory League! Please let us know if you want to play in this season - even if you played last season, you still need to register for this one!

The Online Memory League Championship is a competition open to everybody. Competitors are divided into divisions of ten to sixteen players, depending on who and how many players register - new players this season are put into divisions based on their leaderboard position, so you will be playing against people at the same kind of level as you.

In a season, each competitor will play each of the others in the division once, with one match per week, on a schedule drawn randomly at the start of the season. Players can be flexible about when they play their matches, depending on availability and circumstances, but should try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. You will need to communicate with your opponents - leave messages on the Memory League website, or the Art of Memory forum, or the Facebook group “World Memory Championships”. We can help you get in touch with people - just send me a message if you need help!

Matches will consist of six games - each player chooses three different disciplines, with the choice alternating. The first player on the scheduled match list chooses the first discipline; the schedule will be arranged so that each player gets a roughly equal distribution of ‘home’ and ‘away’ matches. Draws are possible, both in individual disciplines and in the match as a whole.

In all these matches, the player listed first gets the first choice of discipline. It goes like this:
Player 1’s first choice
Player 2’s first choice
Player 1’s second choice
Player 2’s second choice
Player 1’s third choice
Player 2’s third choice

Remember, each player’s three choices must be three different disciplines. So it might go Words, Cards, Names, Words, Numbers, Images. Or Numbers, Cards, Names, Images, Words, Words. But if the two players both hate Names and Words, for example, the match might go Cards, Cards, Numbers, Numbers, Images, Images!

If the match is a 3:3 draw, the players can (if they both agree to it) play a one-game ‘decider’, which can be any discipline they choose. If they don’t both agree to play the decider, then the match is a draw.

The league table gives two points for a match won, one for a match drawn. Players on the same number of points are ranked by number of disciplines won.

At the end of the season, the bottom players (red highlights) in each division are related to the division below, and the top players (green highlights) in each division are promoted to the division above. There are play-offs between the amber-highlighted places in the upper division versus amber-highlighted places in the lower, to determine promotion and relegation.

The top four in the first division go into play-offs for the grand title. 1st versus 4th and 2nd versus 3rd, followed by a grand final to determine the League Champion!

The season lasts three months. It is important to keep in touch, and let your opponents know if you won’t be available. People who disappear without playing their games will be removed from the league!

This season will be played with NO BLUE SCREEN, as a trial run to see how it works! You won’t see when your opponent has clicked finish!

Art of Memory name Memory League name Facebook name
@Johnnyworldwide John Graham John Graham
@Sylle Sylvain Estadieu Sylle Arvidieu
@Hannes Johannes Mallow Johannes Mallow
@SR1 Simon Reinhard Simon Reinhard
@AlexM Alex Mullen Alex Mullen
@? Alex G Alexander Goryachev
@? Jan-Hendrik Büscher Jan-Hendrik Büscher
@EgorDubrovin Egor Dubrovin Egor Dubrovin
@Shasan Sanchit Sharma Sanchit Sharma
@? Marlo Knight Marlo Knight
@JanZon Jan Zoń Jan Zon
@Zoomy Ben Pridmore Ben Pridmore
@Konsti Konstantin Skudler Konsti Skudler
@SilvioB Silvio B.
@ClayKnight Clay Knight Clay Knight
@laCorii Corinna Draschl Corinna Draschl
@shijir-erdene Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
@? Andrej Savickij Андрей Савицкий
@mrburt Martin Nilsson Martin Nilsson
@? Tobiasz Boral Tobiasz Boral
@? Max Maxi Di
@mohamed22 Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ramadan
@Nicety Anastasia Woolmer Anastasia Woolmer
@guillaumepetitjean Guillaume Petit-Jean Guillaume Petit-Jean
@? Daniel Evans Daniel Evans
@MemoryMasterN :fire: BurningDesire​ :fire: Niklas Hendrik Davide Carosini Davide Carosini
@Erol Erol Ozvatan Erol Ozvatan
@Brainrunning Brainrunning Jürgen Petersen
@chrisforde Chris Forde Chris Forde
@Simon Simon Orton
@aemind Luis Angel Luis Angel
@? 郑宏坚 郑宏坚
@FrankGrube Frank Grube Frank Grube
@varo82 Roberto Valloggia Roberto Valloggia
@Thyroxine101 Thyroxine101
@Orxan Orkhan Ibadov Orkhan Ibad
@QuaraMan quaraman Sven Wetzel
@? Ian Fennell Ian Fennell
@? Edric Liew Edric Liew
@matkow matkow Mateusz Kowalczyk
@VagabondArtist Vagabond Omkar Vagabond
@Tomas31200 Tomas Derville Tomas Derville
@? Gordon Cowell Gordon Cowell
@byambatsogt Byambatsogt Byambadorj Б. Бямбацогт
@EgorSpinu Egor Spinu Egor Spinu
@sahildavda Sahil Davda Sahil Davda
@rzaytsev r.zayt
@IvanMiletic Ivan Miletic
@Honje Honje Watanabe
@awliyo saksuuk Awliyo Scnf
@? Majdedeen Majdedeen Abugseaa
@guilfoyled guilfoyled
@faithdydx faith_dydx
@Grzegorz Grzegorz
@? ? T Tenuun
@Caterina caterinawang08
@011u1 011u1
@Ignacy Ignacy

(Silvio B.) #3

I’d like to join again.


I’d like to give it a go, where do I need to register?

(Simon Orton) #5

To register, just post a message here along with your Memory League user name.

@Zoomy - please sign me up for the new season!



(Ivan Miletic) #7

I’d like to participate this season. My name on memory league is Ivan Miletic

(Honje Watanabe) #8

I’d like to participate this season. My name on memory league is Honje Watanabe


I would like to join. Thyroxine101. Thank you.

(Ben Pridmore) #10

47 people signed up so far! We’ll look at starting on November 17, or maybe the week after that.

[Edit - moved the table of competitors to the top post so it’s easier for people to find.]

(Daniel Richard Guilfoyle) #11

I would like to sign up if it is not too late, let me know, thank you


I’d like to participate this season. My name on memory league is Faith_dydx

(Grzegorz) #13

I want to take part in Online Memory League Championship - Season 4. My Memory League name is Grzegorz. I am new participant.


I’d like to participate this season. My name on memory league is caterinawang08

(011u1) #15

I’d like to participate this season. My name on Memory League is 011u1

(Ignacy ) #16

i would like to join in- Ignacy

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #17

I’d love to join. I’ll be really bad at it, but I find that competition is very good at motivating me to improve, so I can be slightly less bad. So if there’s no minimum requirement for participation, I’m in.

Name: selmo’icusenintadni


I’ll try it too.

(hasibul alam) #19

@Zoomy - please sign me up for the new season!

My name is Anik


@Zoomy Thanks for keeping the Online Memory League running. I would like to join again, not for glory but for fun :slight_smile:


me too,