Online Memory League Championship, season 4!


My new ML name: Derek Rothholz


I just wan’t to know an information. The last season there was a 3 months of full subscription for che championship. Is the same for this season?
thank you

(Ignacy ) #45

Good Evening Mr. Ben,

It’s Ignacy from Memory League Division 5. I just want to annouce in some way that i am going to be away from home for 3 weeks since 12.01.2019 til 4.02.2019 without an acces to internet. I don’t want to be excluded or disqualified from the league so i am kindly asking you to inform the rest of the division. I would appreciate if you plan the schedule which has regard to my request.

Best regards,



Hey, I just joined the group :slight_smile: I would much like to see the technics you all use in action, is the competion on skype or something? Have you ever thought of doing it online? Like in a live feed

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #47

I know at least one person (probably more, but I’ve personally seen one vod) has streamed and recorded a match. Personally I would love to see more people streaming their and others matches. I am not qualified to comment on anyone else, but if it’s convenient I may try and stream some of my own matches and would love to see others doing the same, especially if vods were available.

(Silvio B.) #48

Johannes Mallow streamed the final of the last season on twitch. It was fun to watch the matches with his commentary :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,
as mentioned on Facebook a while ago, can you please add me to the list? :slight_smile:

(Ben Pridmore) #50

@varo82 - sorry, that three months free was a one-off kind of thing, I think.

(Ben Pridmore) #51

Okay, the league divisions and schedules have each been posted in their own thread. I’ll update the Memory League website as soon as I can! Any questions, please do ask!


Thanks for all this, Ben. I’m looking forward to taking part.


Thanks, Ben! I noticed that for Divisions other than the first, only the first weekplan can be seen so far. Can you add the rest as well?

(Simon Orton) #54

The full schedule is now on the ML site.

(Ben Pridmore) #55

Thanks, Simon! Sorry, I didn’t have time to finish last night… :blush:

(Simon Orton) #56

Just some tidying up before the new season commences.

  1. I think 郑宏坚 and Honje Watanabe are the same person. @Zoomy, can you adjust division 4b to keep only 郑宏坚 (which is the current ML name)?

  2. I can’t find the following user names in Memory League - maybe they have changed:

    • T Tenuun
    • Bdubb
    • Kuba Kordy
    • anik

    @Bdubb and @anik, can you let me know your new Memory League name? @Zoomy, can you find out from T Tenuun and Kuba Kordy what their new Memory League names are?


Thanks for adding the rest of the schedule. :slight_smile:

We can use the league type matches for training matches as well, right? Just to be on the safe side.

(Simon Orton) #58

The League game type is available when both players are players in the league, and one player challenged the other specifically.

If you choose League as the game type, the game will be labelled as a league game on the Home page. Other than that, a League game is the same as a Rated game for now.


Sorry I can’t edit notes in league

(Simon Orton) #60

Hi @varo82,

Sorry, please try again now.


thank you Simon! super rapid to solve :slight_smile:


As a newbie to all this, am I right in thinking that we simply contact our opponents, arrange a convenient time, then hit the ‘compete’ button and get on with it?

Also, do people normally play all their matches one after another or spread them out? I wondered what the best procedure is. I think six in a row would melt my brain!

Sorry if these are daft questions. I’m in Division 5b, by the way.