Online Memory League Championship, season 13!

Registration is now open for season 13 of the Online Memory League Championship!

The regular season will run from 2nd August to 30th September, with playoffs and finals during October.

For the rules and to register, see the League page.

Registration is open until 30th July. Please only register if you are committed to playing your matches.

Registered Competitors

Memory League Name Art of Memory Forum Name
Abderrahman Charmat @abderrahman1672
Abdufattokhov Javohir @Abdufattokhov
Abdulrauf brahoi (rfast2021) @rfast2020
Ahmed Gabr @Ahmed2008
a.l. @a.l
Alexander Panfilov @Alex92
Alex Mullen @AlexM
Al Houseen Hekal @AlHouseen
Andrea Muzii @AndreaMuzii
Andrey Safronov @AndreySafronov
Andrej Savickij (Latvia) @Sava
Anne ROBIN @Anne
Андрей Явкин @Melfstin
Baral Samir @samirbaral07
Bekzodjon Yusupov @Mr.Incredible
Ben Pridmore @Zoomy
Boris Konrad @Boris
Braden Adams @BradenExplosion
Bruce W. @Bruce99
Céline De Luca @CelineDL
Clay Knight @ClayKnight
Daniel Evans @DanEvans
daoud74 @daoud74
DavidCantor @DavidCantor
Diana Acevedo @DianaAcevedo
Dimi @myelife
Dimimore @Dimimore
Donishmahkam @donishmahkam
Don Michael Vickers @Bigdonnyv
Egor Eremenko @Egor_Eremenko
Elisaweta Kunz @Elisawetakunz
Ema3ma @Ema3ma
Evgeny Stanichnikov @Stanichnikov
Frank Grube @FrankGrube
ganbayar960 @BG960
Gayane Kuryatova @Gayankaa
GildedTruffle @GildedTruffle
guilfoyled @guilfoyled
Guillaume Petit-Jean @guillaumepetitjean
hallas rafik @hallasrafik
Helianthus :sunflower: @Helianthus
Ilya Gubenko @Ilya_Gubenko
Islomxo’ja Madaminov @islomxoja
Issa Almgadmi :libya::brain: @IssaKurapika
Jan-Hendrik Büscher @JHB
Jan Zoń @zonjan
Johannes Mallow @Hannes
Johnny Briones @Parkouristx
Juan Duque @juanpabloduque
Jules Ballion @Jules-Ballion
kaoritchi @kaoritchi
Katie Kermode :rainbow: @katiek
Kazuki @KAZUKI
Kevin Schulz @Philodoof
Khurshid Umarov @KhurshidUmarov
koba @koba
Lars Christiansen @LarsChristiansen
Leonid_Rakhmanov @Leonid
Luisi @SimonLuisi
María Acevedo @MariaAcevedo
mauriciog021 @mauriciog021
Max Dietl @MaxiDi
Maxxx @comeon
Milana Kunz @Milanakunz
Mohamed Ramadan @mohamed22
Naoki Miwa @NaokiMiwa
:fire:𝓝𝓲𝓴𝓵𝓪𝓼 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓢𝓾𝓷 :fire: :yin_yang: 19s Names :two::one::sparkles: @NiklasMoonsun
Orkhan Ibadov @Orxan
Plavix @mohamedhichem
QuaraMan @QuaraMan
:india: Raja Dodve :india: @Rajadodve786
raphaeldes @Raphaeldes
ROWAA’ @Rowaa
Samariddinov Zuhriddin @Zuhriddinshoh
Sanchit Sharma @Shasan
Saroj Mote @Sarojmote
Sayaka Hokazono @SayakaHokazono
Silvio B. @SilvioB
Simon Orton @Simon
Simon Reinhard @SimonReinhard
sirc @sirc
Sylvain Arvidieu @Sylle
tomhn999 @tomhn999
Tony Tkachenko @Tony_Tkachenko
Upendi @Upendi
Vishvaa @vishvaavishvaa1
YassenA @Yassojudo2007
yolan @Yolan
zaloat0507 @zaloat07

I am in !!!


I am in


In, looking forward to it.


Registered. :partying_face:


I am in


I m in.


i am new member here!, hey everyone at best site in training memory


I’ve registered now too! Let’s go Team Canada!!


Lfg baybay


I am in.

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I am in


Hi all, don’t forget to also register on the ML page directly! :slight_smile:


@Simon I appreciate your improvement on ML Number UI/UX, the >> << shift keys helps the pad or phone users alot.

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Well done everyone!
Another big season with 88 Registered participants. That is exactly 8 players in 11 different divisions.

Good luck everyone in the upcoming season :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


@NiklasMoonsun for you also good luck!

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@Rajadodve786 @NiklasMoonsun @a.l @abderrahman1672 @Abdufattokhov @rfast2020 @Ahmed2008 @AlHouseen @AlexM @Alex92 @AndreaMuzii @Sava @AndreySafronov @Anne @samirbaral07 @Mr.Incredible @Zoomy @Boris @BradenExplosion @Bruce99 @CelineDL @ClayKnight @DanEvans @daoud74 @DavidCantor @DianaAcevedo @myelife @Dimimore @Bigdonnyv @donishmahkam @Egor_Eremenko @Elisawetakunz @Ema3ma @Stanichnikov @FrankGrube @BG960 @Gayankaa @GildedTruffle @guilfoyled @guillaumepetitjean @hallasrafik @Helianthus @Ilya_Gubenko @islomxoja @IssaKurapika @zonjan @JHB @Hannes @Parkouristx @juanpabloduque @Jules-Ballion @kaoritchi @katiek @KAZUKI @Philodoof @KhurshidUmarov @koba @LarsChristiansen @Leonid @SimonLuisi @MariaAcevedo @mauriciog021 @MaxiDi @comeon @Milanakunz @mohamed22 @NaokiMiwa @Orxan @mohamedhichem @QuaraMan @Raphaeldes @Rowaa @Zuhriddinshoh @Shasan @Sarojmote @SayakaHokazono @SilvioB @SimonReinhard @sirc @Sylle @tomhn999 @Tony_Tkachenko @Upendi @vishvaavishvaa1 @Yassojudo2007 @Yolan @zaloat07 @Melfstin

Welcome to season 13!

We have 88 competitors this season.

Division 1 is split into 1a and 1b, which are at the same level.
Division 2 is split into 2a and 2b, which are at the same level.
Division 3 is split into 3a, 3b, and 3c, which are at the same level.
Division 4 is split into 4a and 4b, which are at the same level.
Division 5 is split into 5a and 5b, which are at the same level.

Each subdivision has 8 competitors.

Scheduling Matches (changed from last season)

The League page for your division shows your opponent each week. Matches should be played during the scheduled week if possible. All matches must be played by the end of September (GMT).

To indicate when you are available to play, click the appropriate boxes on the Availability table on your League page.

If you and your opponent are both available at the same time, enter the date and time into the Schedule field. Your opponent will receive an email asking them to confirm the match time. When your opponent confirms, you will be notified by email.

Hopefully this will simplify the scheduling of matches compared to previous seasons.

Withdrawing from the Season

If you don’t have time to play your matches, please let me know and I can withdraw you from the season.

Competitors who have not played any matches or entered any availability by the end of August will automatically be withdrawn.

Playing Matches

At the scheduled match time, the competitor whose name appears on the left should challenge their opponent for the first game.

When it’s time to choose the game type, choose League to identify the game as part of the league season.

Recording Results

Either player can enter the result of a match on the League page that shows the match. The standings table is then updated automatically.


At the end of the regular season, the player highlighted in green at the top of each table will be promoted to the next higher division for next season, and the player highlighted in red at the bottom of each table will be relegated to the next lower division.

There are playoffs between the player who finishes 2nd in their table (highlighted in amber) and the player from the division above who finishes 2nd-bottom in their table (also highlighted in amber), to determine whether the players stay in their current division, or are promoted/relegated.

Where there is an uneven number of subdivisions for adjacent divisions, there is one playoff match for each of the smaller number of subdivisions. For example, this season we have 2a/2b and 3a/3b/3c, so there will be two playoffs between divisions 2 and 3.

World Tour

Season 13 is part of the 2021/2 Memory League World Tour. Your best scores in your best 4 events (with at most one of Names and International Names) will be used for the Season Scores Leaderboard, which can be seen on the World Tour page. The top 10 competitors on the Season Scores Leaderboard qualify directly for the African-European Open, and at least 6 other competitors will qualify directly into the last round of the qualifiers tournament.

Good luck, everyone!


Will there be group threads as well again for each division?


No, but if you want to write a message to someone, you can find their forum username in the first post above, click on it, and click Message to send them a private message.


What are the rules regarding recording your matches per division?

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