Number Systems

I just wanted to find out your thoughts on the major system vs PAO system; I currently use the major system to encode numbers, and was curious if using the PAO system is faster, and if so is it faster than list made of pre-made images for numbers 00-99 using the major system.

Faster in terms of what?
and at what stage may i ask?

PAO can also be made from major system, perhaps you were referring to Peg vs PAO?

If so, from my experience I’d say that PAO takes a bit of practice and repetition to get used to, for the images to become rapid and consistent.

Peg is similar but i find it to be less reliable when it comes to larger numbers or in terms of flexibility. As sometimes assigning either P, A, or O will be more efficient than another depending on the situation.

But I’d say, experiment with it. My opinion only came from personal preference, i didn’t use much major peg as I preferred phonetic peg.


Faster in terms of encoding and recall,
I was planning to memorize over 300 digits of pi.

because at the moment i use the major system for encoding the digits, which i do off the fly, because i dont have a list of images for numbers 00-99, Its kinda slow encoding it, So i figured would the PAO system be any better.

The value of pi is not gonna change, so speed st really not an issue, is it? More a matter of which is less easy to get mixed up during recall. Nobody will take the sheet with the digit away from you, so you don’t have to make sure that you get those 300 digits memorized in 5 minutes. So take 15-30 minutes or whatever you need.

How many items do you put per location with you 00-99 major list? With PAO you automatically place 6 digits… if you otherwise only put 2 items (i.e., 4 digits), you’ll need one third more locations. Now if you count time to come up with locations in terms of which is faster… on the other hand, if you put 3 items it’s the same.


Im currently not using any loci, im using the link method

I’d advise against chaining 150 double-digits together if you want to memorize 300 digits of pi, but that’s up to you.

How were you planning on using PAO then if you don’t use loci?


I was planning on changing over systems, So I was going to use loci if I used the PAO, once I go over a 100 I would start to use loci

Come to think of it I have actually been using loci for the first 100 digits, its almost like I’ve made up an alternate world in which a story takes place whether I’ve been doing that intuitively I don’t know, little bit. :thinking:

So what would you suggest for 300 digits of Pi? (Would it make sense to make a PAO system with the major system for 00-99,

With the old link method, I had made a 3 digit link of words which I turned into a story which I visualized) So I only needed to make 33 words

Heres a picture of the words I came up with using the major system

I wrote about that before here…

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Oh cool, thanks I didnt know you were on Memrise :wink: