Newbie: Gettings hands wet with loci for GRE next month

Hello Everyone! So I am new to this forum, and my first post.

Internet’s such a great tool. Yet another wonderful thing to learn and perhaps to help too!
So I’ve booked my GRE next month, I need to study a lot of vocab. I was using quizlet and mnemonic to remember words but I was easily forgetting them. A guy in our gre group told us that he was learnt 1600 words in a week. that’s pretty impressive. Although he’s using memory palace since years, so it was easy for him. But I thought its still a great thing to learn might be possible to increase my speed of learning words to maybe 100 to 200 words per week?
So I started searching a read a lot of new comers threads and people who wanted to learn vocabulary.

I came to conclusion that using GMMPS would be my best bet. I took notes.
To oversimplify I will imagine all the 6 places in my home
3 bedrooms, looby, kitchen, bathroom, balcony. and place them with more memories of

  1. games/ movies scenes. I have huge memory of gta san andreas so I’ll start with this
  2. friend’s houses
    3)tv shows I remember

and for each word I’ll be placing it at some place inside the mini loci . for example 1st bedroom, tv= tv show, in which the show, I remember a castle I will place my first world say aberrant …a ant drunk on beer so it means deviating from normal. probably place a ant pic in my quizlet.
2nd word this story the king in the castle sad and miserable as he punished his son for what he didn’t do. I’ll use next word abject. abject rhymes with reject so miserable king (dashrat his name)

How is this interpretation and approach? is there any amends I have to do!

I think one thing that gets overlooked a lot is having your reviewing schedule set up. You need to make sure you are reviewing all your images for the vocab especially if you are going to do 200 words/ week which is 30 words per day. With that amount, it is very easy to fall behind if you miss a day or two.

What you explain makes sense. Do you have all of those palaces made? Because you can always use the link method to memorize vocab which doesn’t require a palace so you can go faster. You are using quizlet so you will be set with reviewing all the vocab using the link method. You need an external trigger to recall your images when you use the link method which is usually the word which triggers the story.

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I looked up the linking method, I was doing this without knowing because i didn’t know loci

what I do is like i made a mix of methods i use the words describing a known movie with absurd elements, using mnemonics to better picturize. definitely gonna try linking method

thank you sir, I have only started with it. made only 3 stories using 3 mini objects in a room. 100words. I am liking it. can you explain the linking method?

So lets say you have the word aloof - distant; unfriendly

You create a location based on the word or definition. aloof reminds me of a loaf of bread so a bakery would be my location. Then you create images for the word and definition. Then create a story in the location.

Location: bakery
aloof - a loaf of bread
distant; unfriendly - disc (distant) and mean (unfriendly)

In a bakery, I see this mean loaf of bread tossing discs at people!

So seeing the word should trigger the location. What is great about this is that you create the location on the spot instead of having a palace. Saves you time but you do need to practice to get better at creating locations on the spot.

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