New Member: Santipalo, UK, Leicester

Hey, I am Aleks. I am 30 years old.
Born in Latvia in a Russian family, moved to the UK when I was 21.
Recently I am living in Leicester, moved there after being a Buddhist monk for a few years.
I got interested in memory after trying to memorize long chants in the Pali language.
Now I am trying to learn some Japanese as a hobby.

The biggest challenge I am facing now is that I have no structure or training plan on how to remember more.
I wrote here in the hope to find like-minded memory enthusiasts, and probably someone who could help me with it.

email: [email protected]


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you type “training plan” into the forum search box, there are some discussions about it that might provide ideas. See also the getting started guide.

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Thank you very much for a kind response :slight_smile: