Need help with Dominic's journey technique to memorizing the whole phonetic alphabet

i don’t know what to do

do i produce my own jobs does it have to be specific or random

this is coming from the Dominic O Brien brilliant memory book training


I’m not sure if an answer is there, but have you seen these threads yet?

Do you mean the NATO phonetic alphabet?

Like, N=November, A=Alpha, T=Tango, O=Oscar?

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is the nato phonetic alphabet, yess

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what type of jobs do i need i am confused can it be random or specific

Sorry, I thought you meant the international phonetic alphabet. :slight_smile:

One idea that might be easier than using a memory journey is to use an alphabet peg system to link each letter to an animal that then links to the word.


Letter Animal Peg Word Mnemonic Link
A alligator alpha An alligator eating alphabet soup
B bear bravo A bear gets a standing ovation for its opera performance (“bravo”)
C cow charlie Charlie Brown riding a cow
D duck delta A duck flying a Delta Airlines jet
E elephant echo An elephant’s trumpeting sound echoing in a canyon
F fox foxtrot Fox -> fox-trot
G giraffe golf A giraffe playing golf


What do you mean by jobs?


You can do it more directly (if it doesn’t cause confusion!), depending on how you want to use it. Let’s say you are going to be reading them out, so you see the letters visually - examples :

Letter Word Image
B BRAvo a BRAssiere, turned to the right
C Charlie CHARLIE brown, with his round head, screaming
F Foxtrot a FOX TROTting up a wall, tail behind him
G Golf the line of a GOLF swing, with the tee at the bottom
H Hotel a (vertical) H-shaped HOTEL, with a door at the base of each tower


If they need to be linked, make a story from one to the next, for easier reviewing:

To escape the echo behind him, the fox trots up the wall, where he finds a golfer swinging hic club, his ball flies and strikes the hotel window in the centre of the H crossbar, glass falling onto the Indian below, who looks up and cries out to the balcony above him “Juliet!” - but she’s busy weighing a Kilo of tiny Lemurs (for Lima)…


If it helps, play the story along a journey, each event happening at each locus.

But since I don’t have that particular book, I don’t know what your task is supposed to be, sorry! :slight_smile:

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i don’t want to do the peg system i prefer to do the journey method because its allot of fun i just don’t believe in myself to do make my own jobs, for the journey method something i need to work on i need some practice with it to get started. i don’t know where to get started for the random jobs to create

there is a part of myself that doesn’t believe i can do it

i need to overcome that part negative part of myself with positivity

thankyou for your attempted support both members here

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By “jobs” do you mean the mnemonic images for the words or the locations in the memory journey?

If the task seems daunting, I’d start with a smaller goal – maybe just five items at a time instead of all 26 at once. After you finish the first five, then try five more. It gets easier with practice. :slight_smile:

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jobs i mean for example

buy postage stamps

collect dry cleaning

check oil in car

Pay water bill

Change light bulb

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i can’t believe i can do the jobs myself

I just didn’t believe in myself before

here are random jobs that i made

make ravelo for dinner

buy rice

pay debbie pratt

clean house

heal michael

collect affirmations mentally

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i did great i now have got 26 jobs home made

i didn’t want to share them with you some are a bit personal


Great :slight_smile:

josh do you know what happen to my speed reading in a lucid dream thread here on this site

Do you mean this one: Speed reading in a lucid dream

yes please

i remember 100% of the alphabet however i don’t feel any different with memory ability

how am i suppose to use the use the nato alphabet if i have fully memorized it

What led you to want to learn the NATO alphabet in the first place? Is it something required for your daily work?

I’m getting the impression that maybe you assumed the NATO alphabet was somehow required for memory techniques…? If that was your impression, it is not correct.


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I think it’s most often used when speaking letters to make them easier to understand, but you could also turn it into an alphabet peg list or a mnemonic system for letters if you want to use it for memorizing things.

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i have fully memorized the alphabet now however i don’t feel any different memory wise