Need help with Dominic's journey technique to memorizing the whole phonetic alphabet

Were you expecting a different effect? I don’t think that memorizing it will have a major effect on general memory (other than making the next memorization task easier). It will mainly let you recall that one list.

josh i was expecting my memory skills to improve profoundly by learning the alphabet

I think that memory techniques are generally limited to the specific things that you’ve memorized. So if you’re memorizing the NATO Phoentic Alphabet, you will be able to recall the phonetic alphabet easily, but it won’t necessarily help you remember other things more easily. The more things you memorize, the easier it is to apply the techniques to new things though.


in the book…

how to develop a brilliant memory week by week 50 proven ways to enhance your memory by Dominic O Brien

he mentions the alphabet is a huge memory advantage but i don’t see any difference

it was fun learning the alphabet anyway

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I also found it fun learning the alphabet, though I have found uses for it. I have a specific memory palace donated to the alphabet and alphabetical purposes. For example, I can hold alphabetical countries, animals, fruits, names in my palace or I can use my images for the alphabet to help me remember license plate numbers or acronyms that are not sinking in as well as I like.

If you examine how you memorized the alphabet you’ll realize how you can improve rapidly. Memorable image creation, encoding, decoding, focus and recall are all improved (and improving these is how you improve your memory). The more you practice the techniques the faster you’ll become at many disciplines of memory.

For more improvement test out the various memory games from Memory League and another option is to look into speed cards. But the principles are the same! Practice image creation, encoding, decoding, focus and recall and work on improving your speed and you will improve quickly!

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Was he referring to the NATO phonetic alphabet there or his alphabet-based Dominic System?

not sure