ML World Tour 2021 is finally here!


Check out how the qualification for the Slams work :slight_smile:


Who created this animation?

I am in!

I did :slight_smile:


fantastic, you are talented


Thanks Jan but of course I used a tool that makes it rather easy :wink:

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doesn’t matter still great job

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Is there a page somewhere which shows if my registration was successful?

@Philodoof This appears for me when I visit the World Tour subpage.

Ah great! :slight_smile: Now I can see it there too. It wasn’t yet there right after my registration so I thought it might be elsewhere.

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Can I pay different amount than 1$ 10$ or 20$ ?

You have to pay for the tour?

It is good for me to qualify first memory league. As in these days i was feeling some memory loss due to this I was finding this.

@zonjan Here’s a link you can use to pay another amount.

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My mom has replied you message @Simon she has paid

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It seems I’m unable to register on the page. I click the “I am over 18 years old” button but then do not see anything else pop up to continue registering. Tried a few browsers with the same issue. Anyone else having this problem?

Sorry, I accidentally broke it with a change yesterday. It should work again now.

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Thanks, Simon. It worked for me, although I’m not yet seeing the green message under World Tour saying I’m registered. Might take a little while to kick in, I guess?

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Looks all good now :+1: