Miniature memory palace (Radial imaging), for Basic Mind maps

Here is a picture, you can put your basic mind map into a memory palace using the loci. It can even be extended, Right now I am taking 9 paths with 2 loci in each direction with 1 common origin.

I have tried it and so far, it works great!

Is there any method to memorise mind maps?


After seeing this image I can say this image is no different that a mind map for me. That means this image does not help me retain memory for the main stations. The main stations for me should be such that you can travel mentally across them without effort like a house where we do not have to remember what is next, it comes to us automatically.

I said I struggle to remember a mind map as a picture because this is something I tried many times but not been successful doing that. So I concluded that retaining mind map as a picture may need some other skills like picturesque memory which I do not have as tested in my experiments.

I have achieved good retention of information by using physical memory palaces of places I have really visited. To make this spider my memory palace I will need to become miniature and actually travel across all its legs which will be a imaginary activity and that activity itself will become one task. In memory palaces for me the main stations are not tasks needing efforts. They are actual places you already have visited hence effortless.

You just travel through them and the substations are the minute details in those locations which are also available as we have visited the place the location.

Just mentioning it here for reference so if anyone who is having same issues with mind map can add their own views.

In conclusion for me this spider will not be helping much to retain the mind map. I will still choose a building with rooms, a park with spots or a road with junctions as my main stations and then the minute details in those places as sub stations.

If the building itself is in this format then it will help me obviously. Like something like JantarMantar building in Delhi, but that I need to visit first.

Another thought as I remember Lucasa and @LynneKelly 's posts is that something which can help me is actually building such a structure at home physically. Like a wooden structure or mud structure where I can plan small artifacts and beeds and then that small structure can be used for retaining the mind map as that structure will be an actual thing I have seen and visited.

If this mind map justifies creation of such a physical structure to retain it, I will go for that, will create that structure and will use it for retention of the mind map.

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That’s the exact thing I am doing, however I imagine the spider to be huge and place it in a location I am familiar with. Eg. Nearby park.

I have a path where I just move around the spider covering each of its legs and observe the images I have placed at the locations.

I tried something like this before but I couldn’t find any suitable place for radial paths from one origin, so I tried to use the image from what I had read from the miniature memory palace topic.

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