Mind-Reading Technology

Brain Researchers Can Detect Who We Are Thinking About

Scientists scanning the human brain can now tell whom a person is thinking of, the first time researchers have been able to identify what people are imagining from imaging technologies.

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It doesn’t read thoughts yet, but I wonder if it’s just a matter of time.

The Focus1, or Fu Si, headband, from US-based startup BrainCo, claims it can measure how closely students are paying attention through electrodes that detect electrical activity in kids’ brains and send the data to teachers’ computers or to a mobile app. A light on the headband that gleams red, yellow or blue, also purports to signal how engaged a child is with the task at hand—with red being the highest level of attention. The product already provoked unease in April, when photos and footage of primary school students in one Chinese province wearing the product started to circulate widely online.


I agree.
I think it will be possible to read the mind of a person within the next decade or so.
I think that if a person vocalise a thought in the mind, the computers will be able to read it easily. When we talk, either out loud or in our minds silently, we still talk with a kind of a mixture of using our brain and Breathing, and the computers I think will have no issues of picking it up. So I don’t think it is impossible, but it is scary!

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It’s getting closer.

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