Information leakage from mind

Is there any medical condition or situation where in a normal looking person with
a brain that seems to be functioning normally in every aspect except that all the
momentary information in the brain gets leaked out of the mind?

I mean all his thoughts at the moment, all the sensory information at the moment gets
leaked out of the mind. For example: people around or people in different buildings
could tell what object this person is currently looking at. They can even describe
it in clear details.

This person is a seasoned engineering professional with a masters degree in
engineering. He was able to graduate in honours and has been successful at his work.
yet all the momentary thoughts, momentary sensory information gets leaked out of the
mind continuously. This condition has been there for decades yet the person was
not aware of it until recently.

How could this happen? Is there some part in brain along with nervous system that
is malfunctioning and causing the leaks. Any information would be of great help.

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Do you mean something like ESP or telepathy? I don’t think that thoughts can be transmitted like that, but there are some interesting attempts to read minds with machines (also here).

That sounds really interesting. Could you please provide his name, and a few links, then we can all join in the discussion.