Memory Techniques and Depression

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This is interesting:

Researchers report recalling specific positive memories from an earlier point in life was associated with fewer negative self-related thoughts and lower cortisol levels 12 months later. The study suggests recalling specific positive memories reduced vulnerability to depression over the course of one year.

The team found that recalling specific positive memories was associated with fewer negative self-related thoughts and with lower levels of cortisol 12 months later. In other words, remembering more specific positive events reduced their vulnerability to depression over the course of one year. Further investigation showed that recalling positive events only reduced negative self-related thoughts and depressive symptoms in response to stressful life events, but not if the adolescents had experienced no stressful life events.

More information: Recalling Happy Memories During Adolescence Can Reduce Depression Risk

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Thanks Josh,
I like the idea. Thank you for sharing this. I have already started collecting memories for my locations :slight_smile:!

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Very interesting. Our brain only works at present, doesn’t matters if you are remembering a past event or thinking about the future.
Our experience make our perception, our perception make our memories and thoughts about life and our thoughts make our feelings.

If you want to feel good, you need to remember a good moment. If you want to feel confident, you need to remember a moment that you was so confident that believed nothing is impossible.

We can see more about it in NLP and hypnosis. Search about anchoring.

Then try that exercise. If you are feeling bad or worried, remember a good moment and see your feelings.

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Hi everyone. You may find my TEDx talk about my own experiences using Memory techniques to influence emotions interesting. It combines my own personal experiences and techniques with some of the research out there. And relates a lot to the discussion of memory techniques used to combat depression.

If you like it, please give it a like and share with your friends. I’m hoping I gave an original take on using memory techniques to an area that is not often discussed.

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because when u memorializing at highest lvl especially a lot infromations or intensive recall something and time chasing you u are in mindfulness condition ;D for example i can’t to perform any meditation who will give me mindfulness but when i remembering i’m 100% in mindfulness and after for example 20min remembering for time withouth any stop after end i haven’t any thoughts around 5/10min ;D


Etan, Thank You. That was a very interesting talk. If you have any links to similar talks on this topic you have given please post them so that I may


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Thank you for the talk. Please post links to similar talks you have given.

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reminds me of the “happy place” off of happy gilmore haha

Wouldn’t doubt that memory palaces would be good for CBT


Thank you for the kind words Denzil. Please give it a like on YouTube when you’re signed into your account and share it with your friends.

I have not currently given any other TEDx talks but I would like to in the future. I will keep you posted.


I’m not familiar with the “happy place”. What is that?