Memory Palaces using the Alphabet Letters

Many of us run out of Palaces, or short of palaces. This is probably one of the biggest issues we have and that we are always in need of more and more places. I use a simple system with my persons and was able to create a 500 locations Persons-Palace (titled as Port500). However, if I want to memorise some info for long-term, then I have to have a separate palace for each. So the Alphabet systems comes very handy for the extra palaces that can cover at least 26 items in each palace. So here I have listed the methods that can be used as memory palaces using the Alphabet Letters.

The Alphabet Memory palaces.
The English alphabet consist of 26 letters. This would mean it would cover 26 words if used as pegs and or locations. Some languages covers more letters so there are more. But let’s say we are using the English alphabet to create Letter-Peg for each.

  • Letter-Shapes.
    So “A” could be the Eiffel Tower because it looks like it, B could be Sunglasses, C could be Pac-Man. etc. I have a list of all Letter-Shapes in a post here

, or you can use the Wiki page to find all-ready pegs for all the letter shapes.

  • Letter-Animals.
    Here you can use all the animal names that starts with their initials.
    So A could be Alligator, B could be a Bird, and so on. You can also find these when you do search to get the full list.

  • Letter-Fruits.
    Again it’s the same principle, use the initials, A could be an Apple, B could be Banana, and so on.

  • Letter-Sounds & Rhymes.
    This is where we use the sound of the letter to match it with a word-image.
    A could be “Ape”, B could be Bee, C could be Sea, D Deed, E Eel, and so on.

  • Letter-Words.
    Again use the initial letters to make up a tangible word-image. So A could be Aeroplane, B could be Book, C could be Coke, and so on.

  • Letter-NATO.
    This is the well known method I think most people have heard of.
    A is Alpha, B Beta, C Charlie, D Delta, E Echo, F Foxtrot, and so on.

  • Letter-Associate.
    Associating the letters with a word-image. A could be Ace in a card game, B could be Shakespeare “To Be or not to Be” , and so on for all 26 letters.

  • Letter-Major.
    This is an interesting one. Use the Major system to create the words and then find the images that match the words.
    So, A = 01, this translates to SD, so it could be SoDa
    B = 02, SN , SuN
    and so on with all 26 letters.

So here are Eight ways to create 26 locations memory palaces using the Alphabet.
Depending on what you are trying to memorise, each Letter can perhaps be used a few times. Such as A in Animals is Alligator and could be used in itself as a 3 location letter-image, It may bite the one on the left side of it, you may sit on it, you may even make him dance or whatever that may help to memorise 3 different kind of data, just need to make sure that it is within the same subject and not different subjects. So by using it in a few different actions and positions it can then be converted in a 52 or a 78 locations palace. All depends on what you are using it for.

Perhaps a further brainstorming can be used to create even more palaces using the alphabet. If so why not add them to the list here?


This is an excellent idea!

Reminds me of the crazy infinite Palace I once started to create. Of course I had to stop oh, because it was infinite and could lead to who knows what🙈 No, I am just doing fine with finding new familiar spaces to use and won’t be running out soon, but perhaps someone else could find this interesting.

So this is what I did, in short:

first I chose a familiar place, placed my images to remember

Then used the letters of what is there (Entrance Door= E: big snow shovel, N… T … R … … Etc. as new objects in my Palace

Flipped those to numbers (letters to numbers), then used the numbers as I used the letters

then repeated with added objects (by then I had moved around enough in the space for these new objects to really be part of it and there was no confusion)

ad infinitum

P.S one could just go to infinity without adding anything: objects already there to letters, every letter adding an image, every letter of new image adding an image, jump from letter to number, every number becomes an image, eventually getting more and more complex, getting into the abstract, to sentences, to another language, to another and another, to the … and finally to the event horizon :space_invader::robot: :dizzy_face:


That sounds like a really good idea. Can you explain that a little further?
Do you choose the words in advance? and convert each letter into an image?
Which loci do you choose for it? any particular reason?

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I was just experimenting so I didn’t choose the words in advance at the time. I even skipped a few objects and rooms, for instance I used a medical facility, started with the entrance and then there was message board, which I completely skipped there’s a security desk I used, and then a bathroom and then a bank teller. but I don’t think it matters because once the letters themselves become objects in the palace I just knew I used it, them being so strong…

Sorry, this example is probably useless to you.

And for the time being, I don’t know why any Loki would be better than another for this.

I do a lot of experimenting like this to fall asleep, and it’s to protect myself so I don’t get too carried away with any particular idea. Whatever I remember the next day then I work on it a little bit more. unfortunately with this I fell asleep so fast but I remember realizing that a lot of ideas could come from this, which is much more than I could say then for most of my ideas.

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And I know that at first glance one would think : "I’d run out of things that the letter make me think of. "

But first a letter would only make me think of one or two things, now I’ve got hundreds of things a letter makes me think of, and that’s without me going the thematically or restricting my search in any way. A letter could bring you to a sentence WITH conjunctions, another to a negative, another to a subordinate clauses sentence, it’s endless, and then we can use the number the letter makes us
Think of, etc.
That’s what happens when you use too many memory techniques for too long :nerd_face:

You might be onto something new, improved and perhaps very useful. I can imagine you running around your house shouting “Eureka” :slight_smile:

It’s already given me some good ideas.

Yes :slight_smile:
The letter “A” can be the Eiffel Tower because it looks like it, and since letter A can also be an Alligator, we can place him on the left of the tower, A is also an Apple so let’s place the apple in front of the Alligator, and so on with 8 different images since there are many images that letter A can be all at the same time, we can have an imaginary Letter A Palace with Eiffel Tower and 7 images around it. :slight_smile:

And repeat this process with all the letters, we would have 26 mini palaces with 8 locus/stop in each palace. Totalling 208 locis. But even then this can be even further expanded.


oh that’s really interesting! I really didn’t think of it in that order.

what I intuitively did, using your example, I would come upon a newspaper oh, and being the second newspaper I seen In My Memory Palace I wouldn’t use the word newspaper but what would newspaper make me think of the word article so then I would see A the Eiffel Tower a rhinoceros ® electrical pole(T) a guy throwing a basketball (i) the cave© a sword (L) an elevator (e),doesn’t matter for me with what trick the image comes from, thr revisiting is so fast, all this comes to life on the newspaper ARTICLE. Then to a window, a door, a bathtub, etc.

THEN… R H I N O C E R O S he has his own little 3d world built from his name. Then the CAVE, etc.

But going the order you just showed is another interesting angle !