Memory Palace For Learning Chinese

I’m starting to learn Chinese and wanna apply a Memory Palace Technique based on the Memory Town technique. I’m stuck with the practical application, though…

I divided my town into different sections for different parts of speech and have something like this right now:

  • Verbs (in and around the park)
  • Nouns (on the way to school)
  • Personal pronouns ( are the people in my town)
    … etcetera

Now the problem with Chinese is that a lot of words have double functions. For example: 学习 (xue2 xi2) is both the verb “to study” and the noun “study”. How do I handle this? Do I use words in multiple locations? Or do I create seperate locations for these special cases?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I would not create separate locations for these special cases, they are too many.

What do you use to put a word into a place? For instance, how do you but the verb “to study” in its place?