Memory Optimizer Self Study Course and School of Phenomenal Memory

I have been interested in memory techniques and study aids for many years. My methods are mostly traditional using location, journeys, memory palaces, the major system and Dominic O’briens techniques. I also enjoyed Ron Whites material after borrowing it from a friend recently. These days I tend to read forums such as this one for new ideas relating to memory and educational systems for learning.

I must point out I have only briefly looked at the above two memory systems mentioned in the title, so I am certainly not an expert in the information contained within them.

My friend is the opposite of myself and is always looking for a quick fix to problems. I am a person who believes if you want to run a marathon then going out and actually running is the only way to improve your time. My friend tends to look for a radical new system to cut training times like the ones seen online “only train for 20 minutes twice a week and cut your half marathon times by half in only 1 month”. His beliefs extend to learning and memory.

He bought both the systems mentioned in the title. I tried to reserve judgement before actually taking a look at them. After taking a quick look at the Psm course I failed to see anything different from techniques found for free online or a traditional memory book found in most 2nd hand book stores. Upon learning the cost he had paid for this system I was shocked. We made a challenge. His Girlfriend is Norwegian and he had been trying to learn to speak the language for around a year. We both agreed upon a list of 100 Norwegian words set by his Girlfriend and we both memorised them. His Girlfriend tested both of us after 60 minutes of learning . I know zero Norwegian. I scored 92/100 words and he scored 37/100. Does this mean I now know how to speak Norwegian. No, of course not. I do know the Journey method and memory techniques for languages though. Ideas found for free online.

We took another test about 6 months later using one of his University text books about Economics. He had given up on the PSM system by now and had bought(wasted his money on) Paul Scheele’s course. Before starting the test I listened to the first 20 mins of this system while out a run. It was painful to listen to and I turned it off. The actors in the course were horrible. Again I am not an Economist. I watch the daily news and read the newspapers but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes. To make it fair, I asked his Girlfriend to pick a chapter of the book he hadn’t been learning and that had no mathematical requirements. She picked a Chapter that had a 50 question multiple choice test at the end. We both had a night to learn the chapter of around 30 pages. In the test the following morning I got a score of 48/50 and he scored 31/50. I am not more intelligent than he is. I don’t even go to College/University. My only skill over him is I have a trained memory by using techniques found for free online and by working at developing my memory.

Does anyone have any information or experience with the above courses?

He is now using Ron Whites Memory in 30 Days Course. I like this course and I like Ron White.

I am currently trying to develop a new Supermarket Palace. In the past I worked in a large supermarket for many years. I know the layout of the shopfloor, warehouse, office space and yard very well. I am trying in my mind to make a large roman room for this for storing new information. Each section of the store is a different colour in my mind. Any suggestions for this idea would be most welcome.


I don’t know much about those courses so wouldn’t be able to comment on them.

Have you seen the FAQs and Getting Started Guide yet? There are some recommended books in the FAQs. If you want a do-it-yourself approach, check out the wiki and the memory challenges section. You can ask questions here in the forum if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have been using memory techniques for many years. I would be interested to read about other peoples experiences with the above courses in my title. Are they really as bad as I feel they are?

This is a great forum, I could spend hours reading here

There have been discussions about pmemory on this forum.
As you can expect the consensus about it is negative.
With that I mean that there is not one person on this forum who has positive experiences with it and after some time using the system most if not all of them quit.

So your experience with your friend does not surprise me at all.

Here some discussions about it on this forum.
The titles themselves are telling:

The Memory Optimizer I don’t know. Reviews on Amazon are bad though…

Memory Palaces with more than 10 loci are too difficult for me to manage. this schematic is how I do it and, IMHO, makes working with palaces much easier:

You have an impressive handle on mnemonics lurchdog. Memorizing economics so well as to score a percentage like that requires great versatility. I am curious about exactly what the information that you memorized was and exactly how you went about memorizing it. Details would be much appreciated. The more, the better.